10.14.15 – (LUS) – JIRC Weekly Update – Check the Layer Tab, Pairing Properties and Line Properties, Double-Ups, and PBS Checklist

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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  • Check the Layer Tab
  • Pairing Properties and Line Properties Work Together
  • Double-ups
  • PBS Checklist


Check the Layer Tab

PBS closes on Friday, October 16 at 0900 (PHX)/1200 (EDT).

How to read the numbers in the Layer tab is essential to creating an acceptable bid.

Each layer should have a number greater than zero in the Pairing by Layer column. If you see a zero, like in the example below, it means there are no additional pairings based on your bids in that layer. 

In the below example, Layer 1 has 2,584 total positions available based on the parameters that were bid.

If you have the same properties in 2 layers, it creates a larger pairing pool in the first and a zero pairing pool in the second layer. The second layer does not have any additional pairings available because all pairings that fit the parameters have already been included in the first pairing pool.

Lets look at the pairing pools of a bid that has the same properties in all layers. Notice the Layer 1 pairing pool is very large but each additional layer has zero pairings because the pairings are already included in Layer 1:

Now, let’s look at what happens when we include a different property in Layer 2 and 3 that opens up the pairing pools to additional pairings. Notice how Layer 4 also includes additional pairings because without any Prefer Pairing Type selected, PBS looks at any additional 3-day pairings that have not already included in the previous layers:

Select the View Pairing Set button to look at the pairings in each layer. If we look at the Layer 1 pairing pool, we see the first few pairings. The pairings are listed in numerical order:

Select the View Details button to see the full details of the pairing. The Remove button gives you the option to remove a pairing from that layer or from all layers. 

***The more pairings you have in total, the more ability PBS has to find a combination of pairings available at your seniority that also satisfies all your Line properties and creates a legal line***

Pairing Properties and Line Properties Work Together

The Pairing Pools are cumulative and they work in conjunction with the Line properties.

If PBS can not award a pairing from Layer 1 it could be due to your seniority not being able to hold that pairing or because your line properties were too restrictive. 

For example, you bid for seven pairings that operate on different days. Each is worth 18:50 and you have requested a TCR of 90-95 hours. But, you also included a work block size of 3,3 days. This means you told PBS in Layer 1 that you do not want those pairings to be back to back. Based on the pairings you bid and a 3-day work block maximum, PBS could only award you four of the five pairings from Layer 1, which adds up to 75:20 hours. Since this does not meet your TCR, PBS has to move to Layer 2. The only difference in Layer 2 is that the work block size has been removed. Now, PBS can award two of those pairings back to back, meaning it could award 5five pairings which would equal 94:10. This falls within the TCR and PBS would have satisfied your bid and created a legal line.


Double-ups are two separate pairings that can be combined in a legal duty day. Lines may be constructed with Double-up pairings in PBS. Double-ups can also be awarded via ISAP/AIL. Double-up duty limitations are as follows: 

  • The maximum duty day for DOM/NTI to NTI/DOM is 13:15 with a maximum of 10 hours schedule block time. 
  • The maximum duty day for DOM/NTI to TI or TI to DOM/NTI is 14:00 with   no restriction on block hours (TI rules apply).


Bidding for Double-up Pairings in ISAP

To bid for double-up pairings, enter each pairing #/originating date with a plus (+) between each entry. This is the same as bidding any other combination of pairings on the same ADD line. 
Example: Line pairing 13021/18 with ADD pairing 13052/18 or 
New ADD pairings 34012/18 + 34017/18
If the FA already has pairing 13021/18 in her/his line, the user must add the other pairing 13052/18 on the ADD line. The system will check the duty day legalities and connection time between the pairings to ensure they meet the minimum requirements and process the bid.  

Checking Legalities 

To check the legalities on the double-up pairing combination in ISAP, use the Legality function. Type ‘L’ on the Expand line and press enter. 

Note: Double-ups are achieved through many combinations of pairings such as 1-day with another 1-day, 1-day combined with a 2-day, 2-day combined with a 2-day, etc. When double-ups are awarded, CATCREW and the Crew Portal will display them with an MP and the Crew Portal code on the date of operation where the two pairings combine.

PBS Checklist

Below is a checklist that is available in the pairing packet and on Wings to help ensure accuracy in the bidding process every month. This is a great list to go through before logging out of PBS.

Being Added to the Facebook Page

If you have not been added to the Tips from the JIRC Facebook page and would like to be, please email JIRC3@apfa.org with the subject line “Add to Facebook” and we will send you an invitation.

In Solidarity,
Laura Albert – PHL and DCA
Scott Barnes – PHX and the FARC (Flight Attendant Resource Center)
Emily Arner-Brown – CLT

About the JIRC:
The Joint Implementation Resolution Committee (JIRC) is a committee that was created by the current contract (the Redbook) to oversee the implementation of PBS.


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