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10.15.15 – (LAA/LUS) – JCBA Jumpseat Changes/Sabre Training and Access/2016-17 Vacation Bidding

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

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  • JCBA Jumpseat Changes – LAA/LUS
  • Sabre Training and Access – LUS
  • 2016-17 Vacation Bidding – LUS


JCBA Jumpseat Changes

The provisions of Section 37.G. of the  JCBA will be fully implemented on October 17, 2015 when the Passenger Service Systems (PSSs) are integrated. This means there will no longer be two separate ways jumpseats are processed based on the type of metal. The jumpseat will be processed the same on all flights and metal as follows: 

  1. Mainline American deadheading Flight Attendants who have been requested and voluntarily agree to occupy the jumpseat;
  2. Mainline American Flight Attendants traveling on company business;
  3. Mainline American Flight Attendants traveling for personal reasons
  4. Envoy, PSA, and Piedmont Flight Attendants
  5. Mainline American new hire trainees
  6. Flight Service management holding Flight Attendant qualifications 


Effective with PSS, LUS Flight Attendants will now have the CJ indicator automatically placed next to their name on the priority list for the first leg of travel upon check-in.  There will be one day, on Friday, October 16, 2015 where LUS FAs may have the CJ indicator reflected if traveling on a LAA flight if they also checked-in on the 16th. This may create some confusion for agents when processing the jumpseat as they won’t be able to necessarily distinguish a LUS FA from a LAA FA on that date when the processing will still give priority to the jumpseat by metal type. Please assist the agents in processing the list correctly on the 16th should the CJ be reflected for a LUS FA on LAA metal. This will only be an issue for the one day. Thereafter, all FAs will be processed in the same order for all flights. 

Sabre Training and Access

As part of the PSS cutover effective October 17, LUS Flight Attendants are able to sign up for RES access. In addition to a Quick Resource Guide being available in Crew Rooms, a voluntary Web Based Training (WBT) is available. This WBT will help familiarize you with Sabre/RES and useful entries. The ability to view and monitor standby lists will be greatly enhanced with this access, so we encourage anyone who non-revs and especially commuters to complete the lesson and become familiar with the commonly used RES entries. The WBT lesson is voluntary and you will receive $25 if you choose to complete the course.

  • Access to RES is optional and not required to access NRTP
  • Having access to RES provides another method for you to view flight schedules, standby lists, and check flight loads
  • Qik over Sabre (formerly Qik over Shares) will still be available at LUS stations and crew rooms
  • If you are not able to update your temporary passcode during the 7 day window, your local management team can reset your access when you return to work, if so desired.


Representatives will be in the Crew Room until October 20th to help assist you as well as discuss all of the changes with PSS integration.

2016-17 Vacation Bidding

Round 1 of the January 2016- April 2017 Vacation Bidding Process closes tonight at 21:00 PHX timeVacation Bidding Instructions

Reserve Reminder – The Redbook language which provides for 11 days off on reserve in addition to any days scheduled for vacation will remain in effect until Flight Attendant Operational Integration (FOI). This includes vacation periods that are 7 days or greater. Therefore if you are on Reserve, you can still bid for reserve blocks of 7 days or greater in 2016 and not impact the number of days off you receive on Reserve in that bid month.

If you have any questions about vacation bidding, contact the Vacation Department:

  • (480) 693-1936
  • (480) 693-1913
  • (480) 693-5374


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