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10.21.15 – (LUS) – JIRC Weekly Update – PBS Reason Report, Target Credit Range, Specific vs. Generic, ETB/ISAP Freeze, FARC Phone Numbers, December VEX

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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  • PBS Award Reason Report
  • Target Credit Range
  • Specific vs. Generic
  • ETB/ISAP Freeze
  • FARC Phone Numbers
  • December VEX Submission


PBS Award Reason Report

To see the Reason Report for your award, under the Award tab, select the View Reason Report button.

The Reason Report contains valuable information about your award. It allows you to see which pairings were awarded senior to you, which pairings could not be awarded because of a conflict with a previously awarded pairing and which pairings had to be shuffled to satisfy your Line properties like Target Credit Range or Work Block Size.

Target Credit Range

Target Credit Range is used to request a desired range of credit in at least 5-hour increments. 

  • PBS will build Lines between 70 and 90 hours as a default. 
  • The minimum bid is 40 hours and the maximum bid is 110. 
  • Target Credit Range is accumulative. PBS will remember the lowest number bid and the highest. To change from a Low Bid to a High Bid or vice versa, Clear Bid needs to be used in the next layer you change from one to the other.
  • The Line Average is not a concrete number. It is an average of all the time in the base divided among all the Lineholders. It is pre-determined before the bids are entered, which is why it can change slightly based on how many people are requesting Low Time or High Time. 


Specific vs. Generic

We are still seeing many Specific bids mixed with Generic bids. This may have worked for many F/A’s, however, it is not recommended as it includes all the pairings into that layer. PBS looks at each Pairing within a layer as equal and will randomly select them. When there are 2000 pairings in a layer to pick from, it is almost impossible to get awarded the specific pairing you really want. PBS does not know that you want pairing 12345 more than any of the other 1999 pairings in that layer’s pairing pool.

Do NOT mix Specific pairing bids with Generic properties!!!


Every month while PBS is running and before the award is loaded into Catcrew, ETB and ISAP will not process Trip Trades, Drops, or Pick-ups that touch the last 6 days of the Bid Month. This period is always between the 16th and the 19th that the Freeze takes place. On the 19th, after 0900 PHX time, ETB will process those transactions and ISAP/AIL will process them on the run of the 19th.

FARC Phone Numbers

The Flight Attendant Resource Center is the best place to start if you have any questions about your award, using the ETB or entering ISAP bids. 

They can be reached directly at (480) 693-8232 or toll-free through Scheduling at (800)327-0117, option 2, 8.

December VEX Submission

If you have 7 or more consecutive days of vacation in December and would like to take advantage of up to 4 VEX days (Vacation EXtension days) you may submit the VEX form anytime between October 19th and October 31th.

Allow 24 hours after submission of the VEX form. VEX Days will be displayed in Catcrew and in MySchedule on the Crewportal. Any questions about VEX days can be directed to the FARC (480)693-8232 or (800)327-0117, option 2, 8.

 Vacation Extension Form

Being Added to the Facebook Page

If you have not been added to the Tips from the JIRC Facebook page and would like to be, please email with the subject line “Add to Facebook” and we will send you an invitation.

In Solidarity,
Laura Albert – PHL and DCA
Scott Barnes – PHX and the FARC (Flight Attendant Resource Center)
Emily Arner-Brown – CLT

About the JIRC:
The Joint Implementation Resolution Committee (JIRC) is a committee that was created by the current contract (the Redbook) to oversee the implementation of PBS.


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