12.10.15 – (LAA) – JCBA Update – Keith McCarty, Deadheading, Foreign Language Speakers, VLOA, 7 Day Legality

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Thursday, December 10, 2015 – JCBA Update – LAA Edition

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  • Meet Our Newest Member: Keith McCarty
  • Deadheading
  • Speakers on Flights to/from Asia
  • Voluntary Leave of Absence (VLOA)
  • 7 Day Legality (7D) and Training

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Meet Our Newest Member: Keith McCarty

We’re pleased to welcome Keith, who began his career as a LGA-Based Flight Attendant in 1998 and has held several positions in both Flight Service and Human Resources including: Flight Service Manager, Project Manager (HDQ Flight Service), and Senior Specialist (HR Corporate Policy). In his current role as Manager – Contract Administration, Keith was one of the Company negotiators for the 2014 JCBA and has been assisting the JSIC with its implementation.

Keith replaces Paul Kinsey (Senior Manager – Flight Service Operations) who will be focusing on the implementation of other, non JSIC-related Flight Service initiatives as we gear up for 2016.


Beginning January 1, 2016 you’ll begin receiving the greater of scheduled or actual block time when deadheading.
Additionally, both lineholders and reserves will start receiving 100% pay and 100% credit for deadhead segments. (Today, it’s 100% pay and 50% credit.)

These changes will be reflected in the January bid sheets and are in accordance with Section 16.A. of the JCBA.

Speakers on Flights to/from Asia

Last summer we increased speakers on flights to/from Tokyo and Seoul. In light of the new provisions concerning foreign language speakers, we’ve been asked when the speaker complement in our Hong Kong and China markets will be aligned. We anticipate this happening effective with the April 2016 bid month and will keep you posted. 

What is the new speaker complement on flights to/from Asia? 

On wide-body aircraft with fewer than 200 Main Cabin seats, there will be one (1) speaker per class of service plus an additional speaker in Main Cabin.

On wide-body aircraft with 200 or more Main Cabin seats, there will be one (1) speaker per premium cabin and up to two (2) in Main Cabin.

Voluntary Leave of Absence (VLOA)

Thinking about requesting a VLOA (aka the new “bid leave”)? Please remember there is a new web ballot that replaced the former HIPVD process in DECS.

7 Day Legality (7D) and Training

Trying to self-enroll in training and receiving a 7D legality alert?  With the implementation of Section 29.I.3.a., you can now waive this legality. Call the Training Support Desk who can assist you with enrollment. 

We’ll keep you updated on our progress via email and we’ll also post in the Crew Connections page on Jetnet as well as the APFA website

Until next time,

Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee


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