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12.21.15 – (LAA/LUS) – Pay Protections for LAA Flight Attendants from December 21–31, 2015

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Monday – December 21, 2015

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Dear APFA Members,

Below is a joint update from both APFA and American Airlines Flight Service on Pay Protections for LAA Flight Attendants from December 21 – 31, 2015.

As a result of customer demand for air travel this month, we have significantly more flying during the second half of the month, and at a time when many flight attendants also prefer not to fly. The result has been higher line averages, a different cadence of trips, and a higher number of Reserves needed to cover the operation. All lines were built within the contractual constraints of the Collective Bargaining Agreement; however, the density of trips within the lines of flying have created flight attendant concern regarding the possible impact to pay in the event of a trip cancellation.

At the request of APFA Leadership to address these unique and unusual trip patterns in December, we have agreed to special pay protection above the bid line guarantee should you experience a full trip cancelation between now and the end of the month. These special protections are applicable to trips that do not qualify for last five days of the month (L5D) protection.

Below is a Q&A to help answer some of your questions.

Q: What if I had a MIC on the 21 of December?

This protection will be retroactive as long as you followed MIC procedures.

Q: What does this agreement change?

For a MIC at or prior to sequence origination between the 21st and 31st of December for all sequences, the original sequence value will be paid and credited if you follow all MIC procedures.

Q: If my trip cancels in its entirety at or prior to sequence origination, what should I do?

You should follow the procedures outlined in the MIC Bid Line Guarantee section of the August, 2015 On Duty Contract Guide. Click here to access a copy. Procedures are outlined on pages 16-17. This includes trips you may have acquired via Make Up (MU), Option 2 (II), Optional Exchange (OE), Trip Trade (TT), and Critical Coverage (CC).

Q: If I follow MIC procedures because I had a non-L5D qualifying trip cancel (in its entirety), what additional pay protection will I receive?

On a special, one time basis, we will protect any hours above your bid line guarantee. This means if you are a “high time flyer” and you have a trip cancel in its entirety, you’ll be protected for hours lost above your guarantee provided you follow bid line guarantee protection procedures.

Q: When have I satisfied my obligation?

You have satisfied your obligation when you have followed MIC procedures for all days originally scheduled to fly or flown time equivalent to the originally scheduled sequence.

Q: Once I satisfy my obligation, what will I be paid?

You will be paid and credited the value of the originally scheduled sequence or the sequence you actually fly.

Q: What if I have a mid-sequence misconnection or illegality?

Bid line guarantee protection and procedures will apply.

Q: What about L5D protection?

L5D protection will continue to apply. Should you experience an illegality or cancelation on a L5D qualifying trip, you should follow L5D protection procedures that are outlined on pages 17 and 18 of the On Duty Contract Guide.

Q: What pay does L5D protection provide?

In the event your last trip of the month (originating in the last five days of the month) cancels in its entirety or you’re illegal to originate that trip, L5D protection provides you pay protection above your bid line guarantee.

Q: When doesn’t pay protection apply?

Pay protection is not applicable to missed trips, sick calls, PO’s, and other unpaid absences. In order to qualify for some type of pay protection, you must experience a misconnection, illegality or cancellation as described in this e-mail as well as the On Duty Contract Guide.

Q: If I experience a MIC, can I opt out of pay protection?

Yes, if Crew Schedule chooses to hold you for Days Originally Scheduled To Fly (DOSTF), you can opt out of pay protection. Please keep in mind that your guarantee will be adjusted to equal your Pay Protection if it is below your original Bid Line Guarantee.

Q: Will call out pay be deducted from my pay protection?

No, call out pay will be in addition to the MIC sequence pay protection.

Q: If I experience multiple trip cancelations (in their entirety) that do not qualify for L5D protection and follow bid line protection procedures, will I be pay protected for all hours lost?


Q: Do I need to file a claim to receive the pay protection?

No. This pay provision will be automated and will not require that a claim be submitted.

Q: If I’m pay protected, when will I see it reflected in my e-pays statement?

This is a one-time, special arrangement and our systems are not programmed to automatically provide last five days protection outside the last five days of the month. Since this will be a manual process for Crew Compensation, you will see any applicable pay protection on your end of March, 2016 pay statement.

We understand the inevitable stress of holiday flying. Thank you for your continued patience during a period of tremendous change. We hope this additional pay protection will ease any inconvenience or added stress during this time.


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