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1.07.16 – (LAA/LUS) – Special Hotline from APFA National President Marcus Gluth

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

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Special Hotline from APFA National President Marcus Gluth

Dear APFA Members, 

I am writing to you this evening to inform you of a disgusting betrayal. Late yesterday, I confirmed with American Airlines Management that the Company has hired Laura Glading as a consultant. This is the ultimate display of disloyalty from a former APFA National President. I am sure that I speak for many of us when I express my complete outrage and disgust.
According to Management, Laura will be working on American Airlines’ behalf to advance the Company’s interests in Washington. During conversations with American President Scott Kirby and General Counsel Stephen Johnson, they tried to convince us that this was “a good thing” for all Flight Attendants. They said that employees are fortunate to have an advocate like Laura in Washington. I do not agree at all. I believe Laura’s new role may call into question certain actions she took as APFA National President. Laura can no longer be trusted to testify on behalf of the Union in a contract dispute or arbitration. She cannot even be called on for advice or guidance by future National Presidents. Everything is now tainted. This kind of behavior undermines the credibility of Union leaders. Union members must be one hundred percent confident that their leaders are always acting in their best interest. If not we will succumb to a corrosive and cynical atmosphere that will ultimately destroy the Union. 
In order to address this serious problem swiftly and head-on, I am taking the following actions: 

  1. I am launching an internal investigation into Laura’s dealings as National President. An independent investigator will be selected to review files, conduct interviews, make determinations, and issue recommendations. This investigator will have no previous relationship with American Airlines, APFA, or any of APFA’s outside professionals. The goal of this investigation is to determine whether any quid pro quo was offered by the company and when. 
  2. I am calling an emergency meeting of the APFA Board of Directors. I have spoken to each Board member individually and we have had discussions as a group via teleconference. Next week, we will meet in person to discuss various actions that can be taken to attempt to address this horrendous situation. Their guidance is crucial to bringing this situation to resolution.


Laura Glading exposed her actions – but American Management has demonstrated its complete lack of respect for our institution. By covertly hiring our former National President without any discussion or heads up, Doug Parker, Scott Kirby, Elise Eberwein and others at American headquarters have indicated once and for all that this management team cannot be trusted. As my tenure as APFA National President comes to an end on March 31st, I am going to dedicate all available resources to ensuring that nothing of this magnitude ever happens again.    

In Unity,

Marcus Gluth
APFA National President
Miami Flight Attendant

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Euless, Texas 76040

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