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2.01.16 – (LAA/LUS) – A Message from APFA National President Marcus Gluth – AAL Revenues

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Monday, February 1, 2016

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A Message from APFA National President Marcus Gluth – AAL Revenues

Last week, American Airlines announced the revenues of yet another record-breaking quarter. The Company brought in $6.3 billion in annual revenues to close out 2015. Once again, Doug Parker and others hosted a call with investors during which they acknowledged the contributions of employees. Unfortunately, that is where the gratitude seems to end. As Flight Attendants will recall, APFA made a valiant effort toward the end of last year to secure a bonus for Flight Attendants. The Additional Compensation Taskforce (ACT) presented a compelling case for a year-end bonus by analyzing industry trends and documenting our workgroup’s ongoing sacrifices. In meetings with American management, the ACT was rebuffed and their bonus proposal was rejected out of hand, bringing the ACT’s efforts to an end.

Each and every Flight Attendant at this airline plays a role in the tremendous success the company and its investors are now enjoying. Our workgroup is the face of American Airlines, its most important marketing tool, and the people with whom customers interact most. Perhaps more importantly, we have each made sacrifices throughout our careers. It is no exaggeration to say that this company, with its $6.3 billion in annual revenues, was built on our backs.

This Management team got its start at America West Airlines (AWA). When Management pursued the AWA-US Airways merger, AWA Flight Attendants had their hands tied by the National Mediation Board during contract negotiations for over seven (7) years when they were only months away from settling their own AWA Contract. Ultimately, this Management delay caused tremendous financial hardships to our rank and file members. Added to that is the years during those negotiations that US Airways Flight Attendants were held to a concessionary bankruptcy contract which included the termination of the pension plan and years of substandard wages.

It bears mentioning that prior to their merger with AWA, many Flight Attendants at US Airways had lived through multiple bankruptcies, each coming with the requisite gutting of contracts. Even without bankruptcy, management was able to extract concessions from Flight Attendant contracts as LAA Flight Attendants who were around in 2003 will recall. Health insurance premiums have consistently skyrocketed. With each merger and each bankruptcy, Flight Attendants from the various carriers that have combined to make up this airline have suffered. Billions of dollars have been lost or left on the table. To rub salt in our collective wounds, profit sharing arrangements disappeared just as they became valuable. 

APFA will continue to make our case for additional compensation. Our workgroup’s collective history and ongoing efforts deserve recognition. As American Airlines continues to reap the rewards of our work, management and investors are showered with benefits well beyond reasonable expectations – particularly dividends and stock buyback programs. After years of sharing in the pain, Flight Attendants on the front line of this company need to share the gains. 

In Solidarity,

Marcus Gluth
APFA National President
Miami Flight Attendant

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