2.12.16 – (LAA/LUS) – Pay Comp Problems Persist/Scheduling Training Instructor Positions/Lanyard Cards/Presidents Day

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Friday, February 12, 2016

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Pay Comp Problems Persist – LAA/LUS
Scheduling Training Instructor Positions – LAA/LUS
Lanyard Cards – LUS
Presidents Day – LAA/LUS

Pay Comp Problems Persist – LAA/LUS

Despite assurances by Management that additional resources were being brought in to Pay Comp to help address pay errors, our LAA Flight Attendant’s calls to Pay Comp are still met by busy signals and HISENDs going unanswered.

One of the most fundamental aspects an employer must get right is the correct amount of pay on the appropriate check.  No employer, much less a Corporation making billions in profits, should be short changing the pay of their frontline employees. We’ve seen first-hand that when this Company makes it a priority and devotes the appropriate resources they can get things done properly as witnessed by the success of the PSS cutover. It is past time for the Company to put this same level of commitment towards their employee’s paychecks.

APFA will meet with the Company to ensure they devote the resources necessary for Pay Comp to process future monthly closeouts correctly and timely as well as pay any outstanding pay claims. We already have a full-time career as Professional Flight Attendants. We shouldn’t have the equivalent of another part-time job to make sure we are paid properly.

  • If you are an LAA Flight Attendant having a problem with hours and pay reflected on your monthly activity record (HI1/HI2) please continue to send HISEND form 14 to Pay Comp. 
  • If you are a LUS Flight Attendant having a problem with hours an pay reflected on your Pay Summary in CatCrew, please continue to send Claims. 
  • If you are having a problem with pay and deductions on your pay statement, please send an email to Payroll at flight.payroll@aa.com
  • If you have not had a response within 3 business days, please send an email to contract@apfa.org

Scheduling Training Instructor Positions – LAA/LUS
The Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee (JSIC), consisting of both APFA and Company Representatives, with the support of Flight Service Training, is seeking Flight Attendants to serve as Scheduling Instructors. This group of instructors will be instrumental in executing a comprehensive training plan designed to ensure Flight Attendants fully understand new and changing work rules like:

  • Hours of Service
  • Pay Protections
  • Preferential Bidding System (PBS)
  • Scheduling

Applicants must have at least one (1) year flying experience, satisfactory performance and attendance and be willing to work late shifts and weekends. The selection process will evaluate the following professional competencies identified as essential to the position: 

  • Effective communication skills 
  • Professional demeanor
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Effective listening skills 
  • Passionate and motivational spirit
  • Friendly, outgoing and confident 

You must submit a resume and letter of interest to fa.recruitment@aa.com by midnight Sunday, March 6. Once your resume is received, a confirmation email with instructions on how to complete a video assessment will be sent to you. Candidates selected for a face-to-face interview will be notified by Friday, March 25th. Interviews will be conducted at Flagship University mid-April. Candidates should come to the interview prepared to deliver a five (5) minute presentation on a topic of your choice.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Will I remain an active Flight Attendant if I become a Flight Service scheduling Instructor?
A:  Yes, your status as a Flight Attendant will remain unchanged. However, if you are fully deployed for a particular month, you may not pick up trips during that month.

Q:  How are instructors compensated?
A:  Flight Attendants on a full month deployment are paid 115 hours. Per diem and premiums are not paid. If out-of-base assignments are required, hotel accommodations are provided and expenses are paid in accordance with company expense guidelines. Some part time positions may be available. Complete commitment expectations and special assignment details will be explained during face-to-face interviews. 

Q:  When will instructors be trained?
A:  An initial Train the Trainer will be conducted at Flagship University once the instructor recruitment process is completed. Additional training sessions will be conducted throughout the year as needed.

Q:  Will this team be facilitating PBS classroom training?
A:  Yes, however instructors will also assist with other training efforts including educating Flight Attendants on new systems like Crew Portal, Trip Trade System and Electronic Trade Board and will offer assistance to flight attendants in operational areas and crew rooms during mock and live bidding. 

Please send resumes directly to fa.recruitment@aa.com. If you have questions about the instructor position or recruitment process, contact Vicki Putnam at victoria.putnam@aa.com.

Lanyard Cards – LUS

A lanyard card with contact information on one side, and a PBS checklist to follow is now available in the Crew Service Centers. 


Presidents Day – LAA/LUS

Monday, February 15th is Presidents Day. In observance of the Federal and UAW Office Staff Holiday, the APFA Headquarters will be closed. The office will reopen at 09:00am (CST) on Tuesday, February 16.


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