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10.27.15 – WINGS Foundation/Supervisory Meetings/Non-Rev Travel

Tuesday, October, 27, 2015

  • The WINGS Foundation Crew Room Blitz
  • Supervisory Meetings
  • Non-Rev Travel SABRE

The WINGS Foundation Crew Room Blitz

The WINGS Foundation is excited to come to Philadelphia!  WINGS Foundation Volunteers will be in the A and B Crew Rooms on Wednesday, October 28 and Thursday, October 29 from 0700-1800.

Please stop by to learn about the WINGS Foundation and visit them at

The WINGS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed and managed by American Airlines Flight Attendant Volunteers who offer assistance to Flight Attendants who are out of sick time and in financial distress due to illness, injury, or disability. The Disaster Relief Fund provides assistance to those whose homes are affected by a natural disaster or catastrophic event.

Supervisory Meetings

We are seeing more and more Flight Service Managers (FSM) wanting to speak with Flight Attendants concerning a wide variety of reasons, mainly dependability. If you are contacted by phone by your FSM, you are still entitled to Union Representation. We are finding that many Flight Attendants are having conversations over the phone rather than setting up a meeting with their FSM concerning dependability and the call is being considered a Coach and Counseling (CC). While the Company considers a CC non punitive, it is the first step in the Dependability Control Program. Once you have had a CC any dependability infraction could move you to a First Reminder.  

When your FSM requests a meeting, your PHL Union Reps strongly recommend that you advise them you wish to have representation. Give us a call, and we will coordinate a date and time that works with your schedule. This will also give us an opportunity to request all necessary documents so we can better represent you. We highly discourage you from having any type of disciplinary conversation over the phone with your FSM, without union representation, including a Coach and Counseling.

Please contact our office – 215-492-0840, for representation.

Non-Rev Travel SABRE

We have now entered the new PSS system and the final phase of the FCFS non rev travel, and it is very challenging.  If you haven’t already done so, you can download the JetAway app to your smartphone by clicking the image below and logging into Jetnet.

If you experience any problems, please send an email to Brent Peterson. He is the APFA Contract Chair handling all the FCFS/Jump seat issues ( Also copy in your local base representatives, so we will have a record of it as well.  I would also recommend copying in your the PHL Base Manager,

In Unity and Solidarity,

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President

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