11.10.15 – December PBS Bidding/ LAX Hotel Update/FMLA Approval Process/Jumpseat Weight

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

  • December PBS Bidding
  • LAX-S Hotel Transportation Update
  • FMLA Approval Process
  • Weight & Balance on the Jumpseat
  • Catering Problems
  • Base Contact Information

December PBS Bidding

December PBS bidding opens today. We were expecting to see a higher number of Reserves for December as we do every year with the pull down of the Transatlantic flying. I along with the other LUS base Presidents have already voiced our concerns, and have asked the Company to take another look at this. The Company has set up a conference call for us to voice the frustration of our membership. This is an issue we will continue to push back on and monitor very closely. You can add your voice by sending a respectfully typed email voicing your concerns to john.makan@aa.com  

LAX-S Hotel Transportation Update

APFA National Hotel Chair, Kelly Gambello, has advised us that George Reyes with Five Star transportation is able to extend the transportation to evening pickups at LAX airport to the LAX-Short Hotel beginning Monday evening, November 16. LAX airport arrivals between 1800-2100.

FMLA Approval Process

We are still seeing a lot of Flight Attendants having a hard time getting their FMLA paperwork approved under this new process. If you have applied for FMLA and the paperwork has been sent back to you for insufficient information more than once, please let us know.  You can call the PHL office at 215-492-0840 or send an email to prphl@apfa.org.  You can also contact APFA Health at health@apfa.org for assistance with your FMLA.

Weight & Balance on the Jumpseat

We are all extremely disappointed that the Company is not honoring their word, and moved up the implementation of the weight restriction on the jump seat. They did however say if a Flight Attendant is bumped from the jump seat on a weight restricted flight and has to take an unable to commute they will mitigate the unable to commute with the supporting documentation as outlined in the contract.  

APFA is preparing and filing a Presidential Grievance on this issue.  If you are bumped from the jump seat due to a weight -restricted flight, please let your local office know.  Also, if you are disappointed in the Company’s decision, please let them know. You can email the following Company representatives:

We have strength in numbers and they are tired of hearing from me about this issue, so please help me voice the frustration of our PHL membership.  
Catering Problems

We all know this is out of control.  If you experience catering problems, please immediately email stephen.kingsley@aa.com. Include your fight information as well as the station you were catered in, also include any photos of the trays, etc. 

Base Contact Information

Did you know that you have access to all of the APFA resources from your tablet?  

Go to: Document Library> Contact Information  

The Philadelphia APFA still has an office in PHL. You can contact us at 215-492-0840.

In Unity and Solidarity,

Kim Kaswinkel
PHL Base President


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