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12.05.15 – Update – ROTA

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dear PHL Flight Attendants,

On December 1st, I was contacted by a Scheduling Supervisor at approximately 19:20 to advise that the Reserve Open Time Award/Assignment (ROTA) process for December 2nd were still populating into CATS for the PHL base, and it was close to being finished but they think it would run past 19:30.

I clearly stated at that time the Contract says the awards have to be published by 19:30. They said, “we can’t make the system run any faster – we are hoping it is finished, but with the amount of Reserves and open time, it is taking longer.” I called Cindi Simone, Director of Labor Relations to discuss the situation. It was very clear the only remedy at that moment was going to be to modify the Reserve Availability Periods (RAPs) of any Flight Attendant given the “A” 0200-1400 RAP to a start time of 0400-1400. I advised the APFA National President of the situation, as well as the other LUS Base Presidents, and the APFA LUS Reserve Representative.

No one from the Union made the decision to “allow” the Company to violate the Contract. The Company made the decision and we made the arguments about the Contractual Language.  The only recourse we have is to file Notice of Dispute (NOD).

A NOD has been filed, and we are expediting the hearing of the dispute on behalf of our PHL Reserves.  

In Unity and Solidarity,

Kim Kaswinkel
PHL Base President

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