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April 21, 2015

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APFA National President, JNC and JIRC Members to Visit PHL

Laura Glading and members from the JNC and JIRC committee will be answering your questions in an informal meet and greet setting tomorrow Wednesday April 22nd, from 2-7pm in the PHL crew rooms.

New Hires

This month Philadelphia has welcomed 59 new flight attendants to our base.  This is a very exciting time for them, please welcome them and remember what it was like when you were new to the airline.  We are very excited to have each of them and Welcome to Philadelphia!

IT and Implementation Issues

Your LUS leadership will be meeting with the Company in DFW on May 1st to continue to address the ongoing frustrations with the Crew Portal and ETB functionality.  The Company has assured us they hear us and they are working on the programming to make these systems user friendly and efficient.  We are certainly going to continue to push the Company for the best possible programming because our flight attendants deserve the best.

Gate Valet Tags

The Company has announced that beginning May 11th they will no longer gate valet crew bags for commuting flight attendants.  Obviously we are very disheartened that the Company would implement this at a time when frustration and stress is at an all-time high.   We also believe the Company should continue to gate valet our bags until they can offer us the same Zone 2 boarding that our co-workers at LAA are afforded so they’re bags can be stowed on board the aircraft.   We will continue to have this discussion with the Company.

Commuter Parking Reimbursement

Beginning April 1st the Company has implemented the Parking reimbursement language from the JCBA.   Section 4 D 1-5 page 4-2.  We will now have to file a claim to be reimbursed for our commuter parking.   The PHL crew service centers will have the claim forms available and you can also print them from WINGS.  Michele Green from PHL flight service in the B-16 crew room will be handling the parking claims and questions, 610-362-7281.   Keep in mind claims must be filed within 60 days in order to be processed.


We are all excited to only be carrying the new tablet instead of our large heavy paper manual.  However, we have found that the tablet has not been updating automatically as it should.  Please keep in mind it is still your responsibility to make sure your manual is up to date.   If you are scheduled for recurrent training and it is not updated you will be sent home.  If you need assistance with your tablet please call the tech support number on the back of the device.

April and May CQT

As a reminder if you are scheduled for recurrent in April or May and completed your CBT prior to April you will need to complete a new CBT module.   If you have not completed the new module you will be sent home.   If you are unsure you can log into WINGS and the Learning Path to make sure you have completed the correct CBT.

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