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6.30.15 – Update

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APFA Retirement Briefing

July 8, 2015
Tour Room

APFA’s Retirement Briefing is on the road again – this time in PHL. All Flight Attendants are invited to attend. LUS Flight Attendants with a PBGC pension can download a copy of your pension estimate from or call 800-400-7242.

This informative retirement briefing by APFA Retirement Specialist Patrick Hancock will cover many topics that will help Flight Attendants make the most of your retirement planning.

If you have questions, please contact

Restricted Holidays and ISAP-Page 33 of the ISAP Manual

The contractual restricted holidays are:

• January 1st

• Memorial Day

• Fourth of July

• Labor Day

• Thanksgiving Day

• December 24th, 25th and 31st

FAs using ISAP to Drop a pairing that touches a restricted Holiday may only do so subject to the Daily and Monthly Open Pairing Day limitations. The Open Pairing Day limitation will only apply on the restricted holiday and not on any day/s surrounding the actual holiday.

Note: Holiday pairing Drops are no longer governed under a percentage of open time, but will adhere to the Daily and Monthly Limits.

Restricted Holiday Drops

When attempting to Drop a pairing that touches a restricted holiday, the Unit cannot contain a non-Holiday Drop.

  • Pairings(s) touching a Restricted Holiday cannot be dropped by Crew Scheduling.
  • If the Flight Attendant’s Drop is denied on ISAP/AIL, s/he could request to be passed to daily on the unsuccessful bidders list. The Drop request will be reviewed during processing.
  • When attempting to Drop a Restricted Holiday pairing, the Drops are not processed until ISAP runs at 2000 nightly.
  • Drops must comply with the Daily and/or Monthly limits unless they are neutral or positive as a result of pairings being exchanged.

Holiday Thanksgiving Drop Example:
A Flight Attendant bids to Drop a 28-29-30 NOV pairing and Pick-Up a pairing in ISAP/AIL on 26-27-28 NOV. Since the bid is a 3-day for a 3-day, the exchange is neutral; in addition, the holiday 28NOV was overlapped/touched. The system constraints/limits are satisfied.

Save The Date – PHL Base Meeting

PHL APFA will be having a base brief meeting Wednesday August 5th 12-4pm at the Hampton Inn PHL Airport.  Currently confirmed to be in attendance are members from the PBS JIRC Committee, JNC members, Marcus Gluth APFA National Vice President, and John Pennel LUS Reserve Representative. We will provide more information as the date gets closer.

In Unity and Solidarity,

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APFA Events

Virtual Retirement Town Hall

July 19 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

2Q22 EC Meeting

July 28 @ 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

2022 Fall BOD Meeting

October 25 - October 27