1.29.16 – Winter Storm Jonas: What Happened To Our Airline?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas: What Happened to Our Airline? 

Dear Philadelphia Flight Attendants,

What happened to our airline?  

Those of us that have been here for any length of time know that one thing US Airways knew how to do well was handle weather events. Over the years, US Airways perfected their ability to schedule, reschedule and repair the operation- until now. I cannot even begin to describe the mess caused by winter storm Jonas.

For those of you who were stuck around the system, you do not need me to tell you how awfully you were treated.  I have never seen such blatant disregard for our contractual language- all in the name of placing a warm body on an aircraft. The inability for crews to be able to contact systems, daily, or future scheduling was absolutely unacceptable. Our flight attendants Collective Bargaining Agreement was treated like the paper lining in a birdcage.  We dealt with so many contractual violations- no hotel rooms, no transportation, rescheduling to six- day pairings, treating line holders as reserves, denying last live leg swaps- the list goes on and on.

We have language in our agreement (Redbook 11. Q. 5, JCBA 11. O. 4) that provides our flight attendants penalty pay of 150% if the company violates the Scheduling, Hours of Service, LOD/O, International or Reserve section of our Agreement after a pairing has commenced.  

If you were out on a trip during this storm and believe you were rescheduled illegally, please provide the details to your local office in writing.  We will investigate each situation, and if it is found that your situation qualifies for this provision, we will ensure you are paid. Please make sure you provide your name, payroll number, pairing number with origination date, date and time you spoke to scheduling, along with the scheduler with whom you spoke.  We need as much information as you are able provide.  Please put ‘Jonas’ in the e-mail subject line, and send to PHL Base President Kim Kaswinkel at prphl@apfa.org.

In Unity and Solidarity,

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President


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