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2.18.16 – Meetings With FSMs/Crew Meals/PIT Satellite Flying/National Officer Election Results View Report Campaign Preview HTML Source Plain-Text Email Details

Thursday, February 18, 2016

  • Meetings with Flight Service Manager’s (FSMs)
  • Crew Meals
  • PIT Satellite Flying
  • National Officer Election Results
  • Administrative and Committee Positions

Meetings with Flight Service Manager’s (FSMs)

We have seen a huge spike recently in requests from FSM’s to meet with flight attendants.  These requests are for a wide variety of reasons.  We are seeing more and more dependability meetings, passenger concern letters, crew members writing up other crew members, late to the aircraft/delay of flight, and the list goes on.

If you receive a phone call, an email, or a CBS from your FSM requesting you to reach out to them to set up a meeting for whatever the reason may be, PLEASE exercise your contractual right to Union Representation.   If you elect to decline representation, it is very difficult to defend the events after the fact if we are not in the room from the beginning. Contact our office immediately to request representation. 

Crew Meals

If you have not received a scheduled crew meal on a pairing, please send the pairing date and flight number to me at  I have filed a base NOD and the more examples I can produce the stronger case we will be able present.

PIT Satellite Flying

The first full month of satellite flying in PIT had a successful PBS bid run.  Everyone awarded PIT flying specifically bid it and 27 flight attendants were awarded the 17 pairings that operate in March.  

National Officer Election Results

Balloting closed today at 10am CST for the Run-Off Election for APFA National Officer’s.  We would like to congratulate our newly elected APFA National Officer’s for the term beginning April 1, 2016.

I would like to thank all of you took the time to vote in this very important election.

Administrative and Committee Positions

APFA is now accepting resumes for the following positions:

  • Regional Representatives
  • National Department Chairs – (Communications, Contract, Health, Hotel, Injury on Duty (IOD), Safety/Security and Scheduling)
  • National Balloting Committee
  • National Budget Committee

Regional Representative and National Department Chairs commence on May 1, 2016 for a two-year term ending on April 30, 2018. National Balloting Committee and National Budget Committee terms begin April 1, 2016 for a two year term ending March 31, 2018. Information on the positions and their duties can be found in the APFA Constitution and the APFA Policy Manual on If interested, please send your resume to the APFA National Secretary, 1004 West Euless Blvd. Euless, TX 76040 any time prior to the Annual Convention that convenes on March 9, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona.

In Unity and Solidarity,

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President 

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