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2.26.16 – APFA BOD Convention/Hotel Language/ACARS/Crew Meals

Friday, February 26, 2016

  • APFA Board of Directors Convention
  • Hotel Language
  • ACARS 
  • Crew Meals

APFA Board of Directors Convention

The annual APFA Board of Directors Convention will be held at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix Hotel March 9-12, 2016. All members in good standings are encouraged to attend. I would like to share with you some advanced agenda items that I will be submitting:

  • Hotel Issues                        
  • Vacation Fiscal Year Bidding                
  • Department Desks at HDQ                
  • F/A Administrative Issues (payroll, claims, etc)        
  • Constitution and Policy Manual overhaul            
  • APFA Policy Manual Section 6, 3 B and C            
  • Scheduling and Rescheduling Violations    
  • O’Neill and Associates
  • Staff Attorney    

Hotel Language

The JCBA language in Section 6 B 4 is as follows:

“In the event that regularly assigned lodging is not available or if the crew is diverted to other than the scheduled layover, the Company shall provide other like lodging.  If the company is not able to secure like lodging, the Flight Attendant will be allowed reasonable, actual expenses for other like lodging, substantiated by a receipt.”

This language is from the LUS Redbook and it was also in our 2005 agreement, however the intent of this language was never to release the Company from doing their job in making sure our Flight Attendants are provided a hotel room when they experience irregular operations.  


We are still hearing from Flight Attendants who are not being paid premium positions due to ACARS not being changed when there are position changes on a pairing.   The procedures on how to change ACARS has been given to the pilots numerous times and are now part of their FOM. If you are not listed in the premium position you worked please follow up by doing any of the following:

  • Call Pay Comp Administration at 800-327-0117 prompts 2.4.1
  • Submit a Pay Claim to Pay Comp (Wings)
  • Send an email to

Crew Meals

The PHL base office has filed a base NOD for our Flight Attendants not receiving scheduled crew meals. This is an ongoing issue and we are doing what we can to get it rectified. If you do not get your scheduled crew meals please can contact Flight Service Daily Operations at 888-222-4737.  They will take the key information such as date, flight number, city pair and crew member information. This team will then coordinate with the local catering department to arrange a meal at the scheduled or downline station. In a case where you are not provided with a scheduled crew meal and Flight Service is not able to arrange one, you are permitted to secure food from an alternative food provider (airport vendor) and submit a receipt for actual reasonable expenses.

In Unity and Solidarity,

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President 

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