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3.06.16 – (LAA) – APFA LAA Scheduling Update – March 2016

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

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  • Spring Forward – LAA
  • Bid Line Guarantee Pay Protection – LAA
  • Audio Tape Recording – LAA
  • Reserve Obligation to Call Tape – LAA
  • TT Mode – LAA
  • Call Out Pay – LAA
  • Position Swaps – LAA

Spring Forward – LAA

Don’t forget, we Spring Forward to Daylight Saving Time in the United States, except for most of Arizona and all of Hawaii, next weekend on March 13th. For Reserves, that means Duty Free Periods (DFPs) that touch the 13th will be adjusted to end at 0100 the following day.

This does not mean you are released on the 14th. It means your DFP ends at 0100 and you are available after that for assignment. If you are scheduled for a block of DFPs that touch and extend past the 13th, the block will not adjust automatically. You must contact Crew Schedule to have the block adjusted to extend by one hour.

Bid Line Guarantee Pay Protection – LAA

Although changes are coming based on the Joint Collective Bargaining (JCBA) pay protection, we currently continue to operate under the Conditional Labor Agreement bid line guarantee protection. Follow the steps on page 16 of the LAA On-Duty Contract Guide  for today’s protection. Watch for hotline updates as we move toward the JCBA protection.

Audio Tape Recording – LAA

Please remember that phone calls with Crew Schedule and Tracking are recorded, even when you are on hold. If there is ever a question regarding a conversation, APFA and Flight Service may review the tape on the Flight Attendant’s behalf.

Reserve Obligation to Call Tape – LAA

Q. When do you have to call Crew Schedule and inform them that you will not be calling the tape?
A. If you arrive prior to the call in window of 1700-2100 and your rest entirely encompasses that period, you must call Crew Schedule and state you will not be calling the tape during your debrief. At the conclusion of rest, the Flight Attendant must call Crew Schedule to confirm any assignment and must be available to report within one hour.

Q. What if I arrive after the call in window? 
A. If you arrive after 2100, you do not need to call the tape and do not need to answer calls or return messages left during your rest. You must be available for contact immediately following your rest.

Q. What if I arrive during the call in window?
A. You must call the tape.

Q. What happens if I do not meet my obligation for contact and a trip has been assigned?
A. A Missed Trip can be assigned and guarantee reduced by the value of the reserve day. Contact Crew Schedule if you would like to remain available and have your guarantee restored.

Please refer to page 27 of the LAA On-Duty Contract Guide for more details.
TT Mode – LAA

Please make sure you are not in trip trade mode if you do not want to participate in trip trades. 


Q. How do I remove myself from the HISEND MU round if I have submitted a HISEND request and was on the Make Up list at 1200?
A. You cannot. After 1200, Crew Schedule will not accept additional HISENDs or phone calls to remove the Flight Attendant from the list. If a trip is awarded, you are obligated to fly it. Make sure you are certain you want a trip prior to 12N as seniority could be violated by altering the list after the round has begun. If not assigned and you do not wish to be included in future rounds, just remove your name from the MU list by typing HIHP/DATE/DATE/LIST TYPE/D.

Q. When can I submit a HISEND message?
A.  HISEND MU messages are accepted the day prior to the flying you are requesting. For example, I am requesting flying for 5MAR. I may submit my HISEND any time prior to 1159 for the 1200 HISEND MU round on 4MAR.  HISENDs won’t be accepted two days prior to the flying and they are not used to award same day flying. 

Q. I want Crew Schedule to call me in MU rounds after the 12N HISEND MU round if I wasn’t awarded anything. How do I make sure they call?
A. Include “Please call in subsequent rounds.” If Crew Schedule does call, you must answer or return the call – even if you aren’t interested in anything that is currently open – to be called in later rounds. Otherwise “No Call Back” is added to your name on any lists pulled until around 0600 the next day for same day flying. Then a new list is pulled and you should be included in calls for sequences originating that day.

Call Out Pay – LAA

Q. What do I do after experiencing a cancellation at origination?
A. In order to receive call out pay, Flight Attendants must contact CREW SCHEDULE for release, prior to departing the airport. Crew Schedule will determine how each Flight Attendant on the crew will satisfy her or his Misconnect, Illegality or Cancellation obligation and enter the call out pay. Crew Tracking does not handle this procedure.

Position Swaps – LAA

Flight Attendants do not generally need to call Crew Schedule/Tracking for help with position swaps. Just use the normal trip trade entries. Reserves may swap as long as the sequence and flight number are the same for both Flight Attendants requesting the trade. You will not be able to seat swap if the sequence was awarded as MU or Option II. If the swap is processed after sign in time, both Flight Attendants will need to sign in again.

Jaimie McNeice
APFA National Scheduling Chair


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