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3.30.16 – (LAA/LUS) – Profit Sharing/Gate Agents Requesting FA Initials at Boarding/Brussels Update/Injury on Duty/CCI/Wings and Name Bars/Uniforms/Air Quality Cards

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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  • Profit Sharing Plan – LAA/LUS
  • Gate Agents Requesting Flight Attendant Initials at Boarding – LAA/LUS
  • Brussels Update – LAA/LUS
  • Injury on Duty Packet & Travel – LAA/LUS
  • CCI Notification Clarification – LAA
  • New Wings and Name Bars Orders Due April 14 – LAA/LUS
  • Uniform Orders Due May 13 – LAA/LUS
  • Cabin Air Quality Lanyard Cards – LAA/LUS

Profit Sharing Plan – LAA/LUS

Last Wednesday, the Company announced a new Profit Sharing Plan effective with our 2016 annual earnings. The Company is reinstating profit sharing at the same 5% funding rate that was ratified by all American contract employees prior to the merger with US Airways. The plan will set aside 5% of every pre-tax dollar earned by American Airlines into a profit sharing pool to be shared by all employees (excluding management levels 5 and above).

Last Thursday, the APFA Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution which shall remain in effect for the duration of the 2014 Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement.

 Profit Sharing Plan – Letter of Agreement

For illustrative purposes, the profit sharing plan formula is as follows:

Gate Agents Requesting Flight Attendant Initials at Boarding – LAA/LUS

APFA has recently received reports from Flight Attendants regarding Gate Agents requesting FA initials/signatures on a document during passenger boarding. APFA has been in contact with Labor Relations to address this non-policy with Airport Customer Service.

Flight Attendants are not contractually required to, and should not sign any non-policy documentation presented by a Gate Agent.

Should you be requested to sign a form, please complete the following report and send to APFA immediately:

Gate Agent Request for Flight Attendant Signature Report Form

Brussels Update – LAA/LUS

Brussels International Airport (BRU) remains closed for passenger traffic. BRU is analyzing the terminal infrastructure for a partial recommencement of commercial flights. Currently, American Airlines plans to restart service from Philadelphia (PHL) to BRU on Thursday, April 7, pending direction from Brussels Airport and other authorities.

Injury on Duty Packet & Travel – LAA/LUS

The Injury on Duty (IOD) packets for both LAA and LUS Flight Attendants are now available on the APFA website.

 LAA IOD Packet

 LUS IOD Packet

While on an Injury on Duty (IOD), FMLA will be auto-designated (THE FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT OF 1993 → Title 29 → Subtitle B → Chapter V → Subchapter C → Part 825) and will run concurrently with your IOD.

During this period, you, your eligible dependents, and guest travelers will continue to have travel privileges on American Airlines, as well as travel on other airlines through our ZED agreements (booked through myIDTravel). When traveling on American Airlines, you and your dependents will board at D2, the same as active employees. Travel privileges for your parents (D2P) and guest travelers (D3) will continue for the duration of your leave of absence. If you would like to travel, you should contact your Flight Service Manager (FSM) to request travel.  Your FSM will verify that the FMLA has been designated. If FMLA has been designated, you will be given permission to travel based on Company policy. 

If you are not eligible for FMLA, or your FMLA time exhausts, your travel will be discontinued, effective the first day of your paid or unpaid leave of absence for the duration of your leave. However, you will maintain on-line (AA coded flights) travel privileges for your eligible dependents, parents and guest travelers.

Any exceptions to such travel must be specifically approved in advance and in writing as follows:

The Workers’ Compensation Department must review travel in advance for required medical treatment related to your injury, which is not available locally. Your Supervisor may grant an exception to travel for an A9 qualifying emergency with written verification of emergency. If you have any questions, please contact IOD National Chair, Bellia Peckson at

CCI Notification Clarification – LAA

Q: I received a notification on CCI for a change to my sequence. Is this the official way we are being notified?
A: No. In addition to standard email notices and the opt-in text notifications already in place for Legacy American crew members, sequence change notifications are now sent directly to the CCI (Crew Check-In) application on Flight Attendant tablets. The same feature can also be accessed on personal devices when downloading a new version of mobile CCI, available from the Flight Service website.
The three systems do not alter existing schedule change notification procedures. Crew Scheduling will continue to call Flight Attendants to confirm sequence changes resulting from cancellations or other irregular operations (IROPS).
The automated notifications provide Flight Attendants with advance notice that something about their sequence has changed, and directs crewmembers to CCI to view updated information about immediate or upcoming trips. The tools are intended to reduce waiting time when calling Crew Scheduling, and strengthen overall communication regarding sequence updates.

New Wings and Name Bars Orders Due April 14 – LAA/LUS

The deadline is quickly approaching for ordering your Wings and Name Bars for the new uniforms.

Flight Attendants have three options in how they want their name displayed:

  1. First Name
  2. First Initial and Last Name
  3. First and Last Name

For those who use approved nicknames, please select the ‘first name only’ option and submit the order. Then, contact Customer Service via email at within 24 hours to adjust your order. It is important that you include your name and AA employee number in the email.

Flight Attendants who have not ordered by the deadline will receive a name bar with their legal name and without language qualifications printed.

Please visit this website, set up a profile, and make your selections today. Ordering ends on Thursday, April 14, 2016.

Uniform Orders Due May 13 – LAA/LUS
The new American Airlines uniform fit tour is on the road until Friday, April 29. This is your opportunity to try on, get fitted for, and order your new uniforms. Representatives from Twin Hill will be on-site to assist.

Locations holding fit sessions now through April 29: CLT – DFW – JFK – LAX – MIA – ORD – PHL

Many of the April slots are already full. Walk-in appointments are available, but are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Schedule your appointment today, by clicking here.

Once you have been fit, place your uniform order with Twin Hill, by clicking here.

You also have the option of being measured at any Men’s Wearhouse stores. Please note that uniform pieces will not be available at these locations.

Orders must be placed by Friday, May 13, 2016. The new uniform rolls out on Tuesday, September 20, 2016.

Cabin Air Quality Lanyard Cards – LAA/LUS

Cabin Air Quality lanyard cards are being delivered to your home mailboxes this week. If you have not received your card by next week, please contact the APFA Membership Department at 817-540-0108, ext. 8153 or, to verify that APFA has your correct mailing address on file. You may also update your mailing address via by clicking here.

Brian Clark
APFA National Communications Interim Chair 


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