4.01.16 – (LAA/LUS) – A New Beginning for APFA

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A New Beginning for APFA

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April 1, 2016

Today marks the beginning of a bright new future for APFA. Your collective voices have spoken. Your mandate for change sets the stage for the beginning of a new era of unionism and solidarity at APFA. We extend our thanks to the outgoing officers for their years of service to the Flight Attendants.

We are always reminded that we are only in our positions because of the members. Nena Martin (National Vice-President), Marcy Dunaway (National Secretary), Eugenio Vargas (National Treasurer), and I, Bob Ross (National President), thank you for your support and your trust in us.  

We are driven by hope and unity. It is an agenda that demands genuine acknowledgment and respect from our employer for the incredible work we do every day. It is an agenda that will successfully bridge the internal divides and apathy that hold us back. It is an agenda that will reverse the many broken promises and instead return the concessions each of us has painfully given to help American Airlines achieve historic profits. 

We are committed to change within APFA. Your voices have rightfully demanded a new union leadership that recognizes your struggles and puts your interests above corporate greed. While we understand the recent announcement of the new pay structure and incentive plan is a step in the right direction, we realize we still have a long road ahead of us. We are dedicated to protecting the members by representing their best interests.

“Membership Driven” is how the four of us shall govern from this day forward. Our APFA Constitution says it best: “The final control of the APFA shall be vested in the Membership.” This is sacred and non-negotiable. 

There was a time when APFA was a strong and respected organized labor group. We will return to those days.

Today is also the perfect time to put our differences aside. There are far too many of us that have felt disenfranchised from our Union or that our voices were not heard. We are fully committed to represent the interests of all of our Flight Attendants. We shall appoint representatives that have varied backgrounds and experiences. We are strongest when we are fully inclusive.

Let it be heard around the system: Today, YOUR Union has been returned to you!

In Unity and Solidarity,

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