4.01.16 – Brussels Cancellations

Friday, April 1, 2016

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Brussels Cancellations

Your PHL Base Representatives have spoken with many Flight Attendants who have had their Brussels trips cancel, and are concerned about the loss of pay. As you know, there is no contractual provision in the 2013 Red Book Contract for pay protection for a pairing that has been cancelled in its entirety. Flight Attendants receive pay protections when it is your last trip/series of trips of the month (Section 10.L), or due to crew substitution, when a portion of the trip  is operated by a replacement crew (Section 10.K.).

The local base office has been requesting information from the Company regarding pay protections for our affected Flight Attendants. On March 30th, when we still had no information regarding this situation, PHL VP Brian Morgan contacted Labor Relations, senior members of the Flight Service Department, PHL base management, as well as former and current APFA National Officers in an attempt to acquire the information our Flight Attendants need in order to try and recover the financial loss they are facing for April.

As we all know, PHL is a high-time flying base, and we have been restricted to lower line averages due to very few Flight Attendants bidding for low time in PBS. Everyone is scrambling for open time via ISAP and ETB. Add in all of the Flight Attendants that have been adversely affected due to the unforeseen situation with the Brussels cancellations, and you have a severe shortage of time available.

We spoke to the Company today via conference call, and we made sure they understand the impact this is having on our Flight Attendants. We also pointed out the lack of trips available in ISAP/ ETB, thus making it very difficult for Flight Attendants to recover the lost time.

Please be advised we are working towards a solution. As soon as we have information from the Company, we will provide it to you.

In Unity and Solidarity, 

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President


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