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11.23.15 – Special PBS Hotline – Charlotte

Monday, November 23, 2015

Special PBS Hotline – Charlotte

To My Fellow Charlotte Flight Attendants:

Who would have thought… the Grinch that stole Christmas came in the form of PBS? What a nightmare for everyone and despite the initial 219 Flight Attendants, this leadership believes it goes way beyond. Many thanks to all that have called and emailed with their awards. Your timely responses have given us the tools to help solve this major scheduling issue with the Company.

Prior to this event, the LUS leaders where on conference calls to address the high line award average of 84% and the extremely high number of reserves, 671 in Charlotte alone. We were able to reduce the Reserve number by 8 Flight Attendants in Charlotte, but the Company would not move further. Even after it was determined that there were major errors in the PBS run, the company refused to stop the ETB from running and to re-run PBS. The Company stated that AOS, the PBS vendor did not yet have a fix, so a re-run would be fruitless. In addition, the forced critical period coverage created trips forced on people outside of their seniority. Reserve Flight Attendants have also been dramatically affected. This affects everyone from the top down. 

The Company has assured us that they intend to correct these mistakes. Their first goal is to get the initial 219 Flight Attendants taken care of immediately. I have sent them the additional names that have come via email or phone, that were not on the initial list. Please continue to contact me at; Beth Story;, or by contacting The Flight Attendant Resource Center @ 480-693-8232 concerning your awards.

Currently the Company’s remedy is to pay 300% if you fly the mis-awarded trips or you can drop the trip and pay protect the Flight Attendant under contract section 10-17 (a) i & ii. I believe more should be done. I can assure you all of your LUS base presidents are doing everything in our power to remedy this massive failure. Thank you for your patience while we are working to get this fixed. 

This PBS mistake has pitted Flight Attendant against Flight Attendant and created even worse employee moral issues. Do not allow the Company’s mistake create tension between your fellow co-workers.

In Solidarity,

Cathy Bossi
APFA CLT Base President

Beth Story
APFA CLT Base Vice President

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