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April 20, 2015
Company Meeting with APFA – April 7, 2015

We have received some calls and emails about what occurred with the meeting of the base presidents and the JIRC team that occurred with the company on April 7, 2015. APFA posted a special hotline which is quite lengthy so I will not repost here but it is available on the www.apfa.org website for your review.  Every area of this new scheduling system will be addressed such as making some adjustments on PBS, ISAP and many ETB changes that follow what we had with FLICA, and our reserve issues. Most of these changes will occur in May. If you are not currently receiving hotline messages please sign up @ www.www.apfa.org

Tablet Updates

It has been brought to my attention that flight attendants have not been able to update their tablets with the current revision. If you are having this issue please call the IT number that is on the back of your tablet. 800-343-0343 to have them push the info through.

Commuting Flight Attendants

As you are now aware, the company will only allow deadheading flight attendants in uniform valet check their luggage. You can also be riding jump seat and in uniform to qualify. All commuting flight attendants not able to fit their bags on board will be required to check them and pick them up in the baggage claim area. I believe we all feel that this is not a safe scenario and even if priority tags are placed we are not promised or guaranteed they will come off first. This is a very disturbing issue for all commuting flight attendants and we continually address this. At the very least we should be given priority 2 for boarding as LAA has. This is being addressed by National VP Marcus Gluth to the company.

Meetings Required by Supervisors

If your supervisor requires a meeting with you first know that you have the right to union representation. Having said that, delaying your meeting does you no good. It is better that you arrange this as quickly as possible because they are more willing to work with your situation if you do so. Get all your paperwork in. FMLA? Get it recoded as soon as possible and please note that your FMLA supervisor prefers emails and you as well have copies of the email. Calling their number does not guarantee that they got the message and many times the emails are full.

Family Medical Leave

No matter if you have Family Leave for yourself or as a caregiver, you must have your physician fill out the paperwork yearly. Get that paperwork in ASAP to avoid any delays in coverage.

Meet and Greet

Our National President Laura Glading will be in the Charlotte Crew rooms on April 21, 2015. Your local officers will be in attendance as well. This is a great time to come and get your questions answered. We will be in the D concourse crew room from 10-11:30 and the C crew room from 11:45 until 3:00.  Please stop by and tell us your concerns and ask questions.

In Solidarity and Unity,

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