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8.31.15 – Grievance Updates/Commuter Luggage/Crew Cleaning/Retirement and Health Benefits Seminar

Monday, August 31, 2015

  • Grievance Updates
  • Commuter Luggage
  • Crew Cleaning
  • Retirement Seminar/ 2016 Health Benefits Seminar

Grievance Updates

In Mid-June, the CLT Base filed Notice of Disputes (NODs) for the many Flight Attendants that have had issues with vacation days being combined with their 11 minimum days a month off. The Company says the 11 day minimum only applies to Reserves and we disagree. 

The other predominant complaint was not being paid premium position claims correctly. The story we were given was that it is a difference in ACARS between LAA and LUS. We personally recommend that with each and every flight that you hand your Flight Deck Crew a list of Flight Attendants and the positions they are working. Remember the OF7-A’s? Even if your crew is the same, it is good practice for when we are split. 

The results of these two CLT Base NODs, were that they were denied at the base level and then were forwarded to the Regional level. Glenda Talley our CLT Regional Rep. now takes this to System Board.
Presidential Grievance – Crew Portal (ISAP, ETB, ETC)

On August 4th, a Presidential Grievance was filed with the Company regarding the Crew Portal, ISAP, and ETB errors. APFA would like to thank all Flight Attendants who have submitted screen shots and documentation to APFA regarding difficulties with Crew Portal. The final step is to send all of your documentation to as we gather your concerns in preparation for the recently filed Grievance.

Commuter Luggage

Commuting Flight Attendants are allowed the same number of bags as our customers whether in uniform or not. One bag and a personal item. 
Valet checked bags are only allowed to crews deadheading or a jump seat rider.

The current issues we are having with ground staff is that even if you are complying with the carry-on rule, agents are forcing commuters to check their roll-aboard due to not fitting the sizer box. If that is the case, all roll-aboard luggage should be checked for size.  We have made the Company aware that this is happening and we are watching this closely. Please send us documents showing the date, flight number, and city pair’s if this occurs to you. Please email us at or with your information. 

Aircraft Cleaning

It was brought to our attention that with the new tablet update, LUS crews were told that there was an 1,100 mile range. In addition, the oncoming crew was to continue cleaning where the departing crew left off. Section 37-3 (G) 1 (d) &  2 specifically states that a Flight Attendant is not responsible for cleaning flights of 1,000 statute miles or greater, and after the conclusion of the Flight Attendants duty day, any unfinished cleaning is the responsibility of the Company, NOT the oncoming Flight Attendants. 

Retirement and 401(k) Seminar

Frustrated with all the changes? Thinking about retirement? Just planning for the future in general?

The APFA Retirement and 401(k) Briefing is on the road again. All Flight Attendants are invited to attend. 
Wednesday, September 9th – 11am until 2pm 

The Charlotte meeting room is the Charlotte Auditorium on the 2nd floor above the food court main terminal.

LUS Flight Attendants with a PBGC pension can request a copy of your pension estimate from or call 800-400-7242.

All Flight Attendants can download their latest 401(k) Statement from the Fidelity website at

This retirement briefing by APFA Retirement Specialist Patrick Hancock, and DFW Flight Attendant Ron Harris, will cover many of the topics that will help Flight Attendants make the most of your retirement planning. Please join us for this very important information. 

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