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4.20.16 – (LAA/LUS) – Jumpseat Travel/On-Duty Contract Guides/LAA Reserves/Filling of Vacancies/Interim Pay Protection/Military Leave

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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In this week’s edition we’ll provide you with some important updates concerning jumpseat travel, military leave, filling of vacancies and more.

Jumpseat Travel (Section 37.G.) – LAA/LUS

We’ve received some questions and feedback on the order of accommodation for the cabin jumpseat – especially in light of our new hire trainees completing their operating experience (OE) flights. Rest assured, mainline Flight Attendants have first priority for the jumpseat and will be accommodated in check-in time order within pass classification. At no time will a new hire trainee displace a mainline Flight Attendant from the cabin jumpseat.

Should you experience any irregularities when being processed on the standby list, be sure to relay them to your Flight Service Manager and/or your local APFA Representative.

The order of accommodation from the JCBA is outlined below:

a)    Mainline American Deadheading Flight Attendant who has been requested and voluntarily agrees to occupy the jumpseat; 
b)    Mainline American Flight Attendant traveling on Company business; 
c)    Mainline American Flight Attendant traveling for personal reasons, in order of check-in time; 
d)    An American Airlines wholly-owned carrier Flight Attendant; 
e)    Mainline American Flight Attendant new hire trainee (OE work trip); 
f)     Flight Service Management holding Flight Attendant qualification.

On Duty Contract Guides – LUS

You can view it on your tablet or click here to view it online and/or download it to your personal mobile device. A limited number of printed copies were also shipped to each base. You can ask for one at your Duty Manager’s office.

Coming May! Reserves: How long do I have to return a call to Crew Schedule? Section 12.H.4. – LAA

Sitting ready reserve and miss a call from Crew Schedule? Section 12.H.4. has now been implemented. If you’ve provided two phone contacts (a primary and a secondary), you will have 15 minutes to respond to Crew Schedule from the time they call you on your secondary contact number, otherwise it is 15 minutes from the initial call.

Filling of Vacancies – Probationary LAA Flight Attendants Only

Beginning with transfers that are effective with the July, 2016 bid month, probationary Flight Attendants will be eligible to be awarded either a mutual or vacancy transfer one time (cumulatively) while on probation. 

July transfer requests will be processed by Crew Planning in May, so be sure to update your preferences in DECS.

Interim Pay Protection is Coming – LAA

As we continue working on the complex automation required to implement JCBA pay protections in the legacy American crew systems, we’re pleased to launch an interim solution. It will apply to trip sequences originating in the May bid month and will remain in effect until JCBA pay protection is implemented. Click here to view the details.

Military Leave – LAA

As a reminder, we’ve implemented Section 25.J. and there are some changes from the previous CBA – specifically with respect to protecting your monthly guarantee.

To protect your minimum monthly guarantee, you may choose to move any scheduled days off in the bid period to cover your scheduled weekend reserve training. You must now contact Crew Schedule to do this. (Previously, you notified your Flight Service Manager)

That’s it for this edition. We’ll have another update soon.

Until then,

Alin Boswell (APFA)
Linda Haertling (APFA)
Julie Hedrick (APFA)
Keith McCarty (Flight Service)
John Petronzi (Crew Schedule)
Nick Riva/Thomas Wooten (Crew Schedule)  


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