4.30.16 – (LAA) – HISEND Make-Up and Interim Pay Protections

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

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HISEND Make-Up and Interim Pay Protections –  LAA

Using the correct format for the HISEND MU round will become even more important on Monday, May 2, 2016, when Interim Pay Protections become effective. If a Flight Attendant experiences a Misconnect, Illegality or Cancellation (MIC) at origination and Crew Schedule does not choose to deadhead her or him to cover the return flight, assign airport availability, or reschedule to another trip, the Flight Attendant is then released and may choose to protect her or his sequence by being on the MU list and participating in all applicable HISEND MU rounds for each day originally scheduled to fly (DOSTF). HISEND forms must be submitted by 1159 Home Base Time (HBT) and HISEND requests for next day flying are processed after 12N.

Q. How do I add myself to the MU list?
A. HIHP/Start Date/End Date/MU

Q. What HISEND form do I use?   
A. You must use the correct form for your base:

Q. What should I include on my HISEND request?
A. The best thing to do is to include specific sequences numbers. If you are willing to fly anything to protect the sequence, follow those with “Plot to Protect Guarantee” as a back up. “Plot to Protect Guarantee” without preferences or specific sequences means Crew Schedule may plot any trip you are legal for that does not conflict with a Duty Free Period or future assignment. If you provide preferences, CS can try to honor them if assigning a sequence. The preferences must be specific (e.g.sign-in prior to 0800) and not general (e.g. early sign-in).

Q. What happens if I am not awarded a sequence during the HISEND round but did include “Plot to Protect Guarantee?” 
A. Your HISEND message will be discarded and you will not be contacted in later rounds of MU. Your obligation will be satisfied for that day of DOSTF.

Q. What if I’d like to be contacted in later rounds of MU?
A. Make sure to include “Call in later rounds.” If Crew Schedule does call, you must answer or return the call – even if you aren’t interested in anything that is currently open – to be called in later rounds. Otherwise “No Call Back” is added to your name on any lists pulled until around 0600 the next day for same day flying. Then a new list is pulled and you should be included in calls for sequences originating that day. A Flight Attendant protecting a sequence is never required to participate in any MU round except the HISEND Round at 12N.

Q. What if I am willing to accept a MU sequence I’ve requested via HISEND from 1330-1700 without first party contact?
A. Make sure and include “Call in later rounds.” CS can plot sequences from the HISEND without making a call until 1700, but they won’t if you don’t include that in your HISEND.

Q. Where can I find more information about the HISEND MU form?
A. Review page 25 of the LAA ODCG for more details.


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