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12.03.15 – Treat Your Employees Like They Make A Difference And They Will

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Treat Your Employees Like They Make A Difference And They Will

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Now let’s take a quick look at just some of the things we have had to deal with since this merger.

  • Benefits transition from last year with hundreds of LUS Flight Attendants without, or a delay in Health and Dental Coverage with increased costs.
  • FMLA paperwork that had been “lost” causing processing and approval problems for 394 LUS Flight Attendants.
  • Numerous employees constantly impacted by a poorly launched Employee Travel Policy change in which a race to “beat the clock” circumvents seniority and a loss of transparency.
  • The Flight Attendant Jumpseat protection for Weight and Balance which has been a contractual staple in our Collective Bargaining Agreement for decades snatched away.
  • 86 Procedural changes to adopt, some of which no one seems to understand why are in place.

And now the December PBS Results, and Second Round Vacation Awards snafu. It’s enough to drive anyone off a cliff!

Nothing impacts a Flight Attendant like her/his schedule. Our pay, flexibility, and livelihood are all dependent on it working properly and fairly. Whether Mis-Award, Mis-Bid, or just Mis-Trust, the Company has to do better. We can’t control weather, maintenance delays, or even computer “glitches” but how they are dealt with and remedied is key. Victimizing the victim doesn’t work, nor does turning a deaf ear to what the Flight Attendants, Base Presidents, and PBS Trainers are saying.

Your LUS Leaders continue to hold the Company accountable; with numerous meetings already taken place and many more to follow.

This week APFA Leadership met in DFW. The LAA Presidents also recognize the impact this is having on the entire membership and offer their full support. It is clear the Company feels what they have offered as remedies are fair and generous, and some may agree. We also have to keep in mind that not every Flight Attendant on the property is dissatisfied with their December bid, or even with prior PBS months’ results. But when something of this magnitude occurs, (we do remind them) that accountability is a two-way street.

Look for more communications and updates during this challenging time; and in the meantime do what you do best, continue to treat others with respect. We may be “beaten down” but we are NOT staying down, and no one should be blamed or harmed for something we didn’t cause.

In Strength and Solidarity,


Dianne Britton
APFA DCA-LUS Base President

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