5.17.16 – Trip Pairing Construction/Cabin ASAP/Payroll and Pay Claims Issues/Remembering Harry Rodgers, Jr./NAI Rally

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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  • Trip Pairing Construction
  • Cabin ASAP
  • Payroll and Pay Claims Issues
  • Remembering Harry Rodgers, Jr.
  • NAI Rally

Trip Pairing Construction

Last month, I wrote about the frustrations with the DCA trips. According to your feedback, May and June trips are no better. “Longer duty days, shorter layovers, too many segments, missing crew meals, hotel mix-ups,” are some of the numerous complaints.
We are not short-staffed, and the pairing optimizer is only as good as the person programming it.
Please continue to let the Company and APFA know how these changes are impacting your livelihood and contributing to fatigue. We will too.
Professionally written emails with examples if possible, may be sent to:
Crew Planning Team:


Cabin ASAP

Just a reminder that the Cabin Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) is a voluntary and non-punitive program designed to address general and/or specific safety concerns, such as procedures you feel are unsafe or in need of corrective action.
For example, many of you have inquired about the procedural change in which the “C” Flight Attendant has been relocated to the back of the Aircraft for deplaning, leaving the “A” Flight Attendant burdened and exposed.
How to Submit a Report

Visit the Flight Service website on Jetnet, and click on the Safety and Security link on the left side of the homepage to access the LUS Cabin ASAP Report form.

If you have any questions, please contact the APFA Cabin ASAP Representative at cabinasap@apfa.org or 817-540-0108, ext. 8888.

Payroll and Pay Claims Issues

It is ironic that we now have 60 days (down from 90) to submit a claim or to dispute a pay issue and yet it can sometimes take the Company twice that time to rectify our discrepancies.
Having the names of which individual(s) you have spoken with at the Company often helps us to help you in resolving this issues.

Remembering Harry Rodgers, Jr.

I would like to thank all the Flight Attendants, Pilots, Agents, and Flight Service Team that were able to attend the touching celebration for our friend and colleague Harry last week.

There were many that wanted to be there, and relayed their messages and stories to Harry’s family via cards and emails which were well received.
With all the changes, stress, and just day-to-day challenges, we sometimes forget what a great group of caring folks we have in DCA and systemwide.

NAI Rally

The Norwegian Air International (NAI) Rally Event in Washington, D.C. was a great example of strength in numbers. In addition to your local Base Leadership and DCA Flight Attendants, APFA National Officers and Representatives flew in from LGA, PHL, DFW, and other cities to stand side by side hundreds of others rallying for an important cause; the Safety and Security for all.

NAI Day of Action Event in Washington, D.C. a Huge Success

In Strength and Solidarity,

Dianne Britton
APFA DCA-LUS Base President
(724) 544-6967


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