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6.09.16 – July PBS Bidding/PHL Block Hours/Weight Restricted Flights and Jumpseat/Disciplinary Meetings

Thursday, June 9, 2016

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  • July PBS Bidding
  • PHL Block Hours
  • Weight Restricted Flights and Jumpseat
  • Disciplinary/Dependability Meetings

July PBS Bidding

PBS bidding for July opens tomorrow. Please be reminded we not only have the 4th of July holiday, but the Democratic National Convention will be held in PHL July 25th-28th. Bid accordingly.
Finally, please keep in mind that time is stolen from the bidding pool when you bid high time in PBS, with no intent to fly such trip(s). This affects the entire base. Please be respectful of your co-workers, and only bid the amount of time you plan to fly.

PHL Block Hours

As we all know, PHL has lost a good amount of premium flying in the last year. We will continue to press the Company to return premium flying to the PHL base.
For those concerned about the ‘shrinking’ of the PHL base, I have requested our scheduled block hours, year over year, for the PHL base. In June of 2015, PHL was assigned 148,574 hours of block time, which represents 31.8% of the total system hours. In June 2016, PHL was assigned 147,852 hours of block time, and that represents 32.2% of the total system hours. As you can see, while the flying may be less desirable domestic flying, the Company has added flying to PHL to make up for the loss of Europe flying, in response to our concerns about shrinking the base.

Our network has vastly changed with the merger, and we now have a wide array of hubs with which to compete for flying. I will continue to argue for growth at PHL for our members.

Weight Restricted Flights and Jumpseat

Sections 37.G.8 and 37.G.9 of the 2014 JCBA state:
8. If the Company agrees that Pilots may not be removed/denied boarding for weight restrictions then such provision shall apply to Flight Attendants as well. Any policy for removal/denial for weight restriction reasons shall be non-discriminatory as it relates to pilots and Flight Attendants.
9. A Flight Attendant that is removed or denied from occupying a jumpseat due to a weight restriction who consequently misses her/his sequence, shall have such sequence qualify under the Commuter Policy pursuant to General, Section 37.
If you are denied a jumpseat for weight and balance and they allow a pilot on the cockpit jumpseat, the Flight Attendant jumpseat should be released for a Flight Attendant. If you are removed or denied jumpseat for weight and balance and a pilot was put on the flight, please contact our office. We will need a snapshot of the priority list as well as your boarding pass where you were originally issued the jumpseat.

Disciplinary/Dependability Meetings

When contacted by your Flight Service Manager (FSM) for a disciplinary or dependability issue, you are entitled to Union representation.  We are seeing more and more Flight Attendants being called for work performance related issues as well as dependability. Please involve your Union Representatives the first time you are contacted by your FSM.

We realize it is very inconvenient to have to set up a meeting on a day off, at the beginning or end of your trip, but it is necessary. This is your work record, and the Company is starting to take a hard line approach on these issues.  Please take the time, call us, and we will be available to attend any meeting with you.  We still have our off property office in PHL, and can be reached at 215-492-0840.

In Unity and Solidarity,

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President

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