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6.11.16 – (LAA/LUS) – APFA Hotline – Pay Comp Issues No Longer Require HISEND or PE-80 Forms/New Crew Schedule Caller ID

APFA Special Hotline

Friday, June 10, 2016

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Pay Comp Issues No Longer Require HISEND (LAA) or PE-80/PE-39 (LUS) – LAA/LUS

We are continuing to get a lot of questions about pay related issues. As a reminder, LAA Flight Attendants are no longer required to send a HISEND and LUS Flight Attendants are no longer required to submit PE-80/PE-39 forms for pay claims. AA now has a single point of contact to report and submit pay correction requests by logging onto the new DirectConnect system. Once you submit a report, the online tool assigns a case number that you can use to track its progress. Flight Attendants who have used the tool have reported faster turnaround times in getting their pay issues resolved.

Steps to submit a report:

If your request is related to an improperly credited trip, you will need:

  • Sequence / Pairing number, and origination date
  • Flight number, and originating date

Open the online form from the Flight Service site. Jetnet credentials are required.

  • Your name, employee number, and email address should already appear on the form
  • Enter required fields, including a report category selection from the drop down menu
  • Use the message box to outline the details of your request
  • Submit your request 
  • Select “Ticket Log” tab to review status of your request

You should receive a confirmation number and a ticket number almost immediately. Retain the ticket number to track the progress of the request. You can expect a response to your request in 5 to 7 business days. 

New Number for Crew Schedule Needs to be Programmed in Order to Show Caller ID – LAA

In a previous hotline, it was announced that Crew Schedule will be changing its local phone number to (682)-315-CREW. Don’t forget to reprogram the new number into your contacts or the Caller ID will not show as Crew Schedule on your phone or mobile device. The (800) VIP-CREW number has not changed.

Daniel Koukes
APFA National Scheduling Chair


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