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6.16.16 – (LAA/LUS) – Cabin Heat Events

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

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Cabin Heat Events – LAA/LUS

Although the first day of summer is on Monday, many cities are already feeling the heat with summertime temperatures. According to Company Policy, passenger boarding cannot begin unless the interior aircraft temperature is 90 degrees or below.

APFA strongly opposes this “90 degree policy”, and will continue to advocate for a lower maximum cabin temperature for passenger boarding. We encourage Flight Attendants to make the best determination of their own health and safety when faced with a hot aircraft cabin. Flight Attendants should coordinate with the Pilots and Gate Agents to ensure all measures have been taken to cool the aircraft prior to boarding.

The APFA Safety & Security Department has created an email address specifically for cabin heat events. Please email should you experience any hot aircraft issues.

Flight Attendant Boarding Protocols 

Upon arrival, in cities where the outside temperature exceeds 80 degrees, the FA 1/A-FA/Purser delivers the “Warm Weather Cabin” PA requesting passengers to close window shades, turn off reading lights and open air vents. This request is to follow all routine “Arrival/Taxi-in” announcements. This will help ensure that the cabin remains as cool as possible for both the crew and the passengers on the next flight.

Too Hot to Board

If you step onto a hot aircraft, cabin temperature above 90 degrees, and there are no Pilots, call Flight Service Daily Operations at 888-222-4737 and inform the Gate Agent. You must report the cabin conditions to someone so it can be immediately fixed. Do not remain on the aircraft if it is too hot. Proceed to the boarding area, if possible.

The Captain has final authority to determine if cabin conditions are adequate for passenger boarding. Please continue to communicate and coordinate with Gate Agents and the Pilots as appropriate to ensure the best possible boarding conditions.

As a First Responder, remember to review signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses, and remain prepared. Should you become ill, submit an AMR Event Report, and consider reporting via a Cabin ASAP report as well. ALL cabin heat events, especially those involving a delay in the boarding process and/or departure, should be reported to

In Safety and in Unity,

Noëlle Weiler
APFA National Safety & Security Chair


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