6.22.16 – Hawaii Purser/IPD Grievance

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The DFW-Hawaii Purser grievance that I filed over 14 months ago has been an important issue for our Flight Attendants and a considerable amount of feedback was received.
I am proud that many Flight Attendants have shared their different points of view. All of your concerns have been forwarded to Bob and Nena who appreciated the spirited dialogue on the case. 
The recent addition of seasonal flying to Kona, the clarification of the original intent of contractual staffing language, and the need for addressing the members’ differing and opposing views on this grievance are just some of the many moving parts.
To that end, we amended the settlement in two ways:

    1. While the original settlement was intended to address only the purser position, it was confusing. We eliminated the reference to staffing.
    2. APFA, not AA, holds the ability to unilaterally trigger —or not trigger— the implementation of the settlement. We will not implement until we are satisfied. It is to our benefit to exclusively own the right to implement going forward  if we so choose.

When might we trigger and implement?
There are a few considerations that must be handled before we would be prepared to implement the settlement:  

  • Further research on the new Kona service.  
  • Before the APFA leadership considers implementation, we will continue to push the issue of IPD designation for the entire flight.  
  • We will NOT trigger any implementation without notice to and further dialogue with our Dallas based Flight Attendants. The Executive Committee and local leadership will make the final decision, as they are charged to do, but only after a thorough briefing so there will be no surprises to the membership.  

As your Base President, I will always fight for the best interests of our Flight Attendants. I am dedicated to openly debating the issues in the spirit of unity. This amended settlement was reached in that spirit. Please accept my commitment to get this right.


In Unity,

Ted Bedwell
DFW Base President

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