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7.08.16 – Reserve Processing Error

Friday, July 8, 2016

Reserve Open Time Award (ROTA) Processing Error 

As many of you are aware, the July 4th ROTA run for reserve processing of trips operating July 5th experienced a data error which resulted in the awards not being posted until 23:45. First and foremost, this is the Company’s program, and it is their responsibility to be accountable for its errors.
On July 6th, your PHL Base Leadership, all LUS Base Presidents, Contract Chair Chuck Ransdale, the JSIC, and the National President Bob Ross and Vice President Nena Martin met in person and via conference call with Cindi Simone, Managing Director of Labor Relations, Thomas Wooten, Senior Director Crew Schedule, and other company representatives to make sure the Union’s position on the issue was clear.
Given the direct violation of our contract language, APFA was able to secure the following remedy for the flight attendants affected:

  • Each PHL based reserve flight attendant who was available for assignment in the ROTA run for July 5, 2016 will be paid five (5) hours pay, no credit (PNC) above guarantee. 
  • Each PHL based reserve flight attendant who was erroneously removed from an assigned trip will receive pay and credit for the full trip value.  
  • After making contact with your Flight Service Manager (FSM), any dependability event, up to and including no shows and no contacts, incurred as a result of the error will be removed and the flight attendant will not face disciplinary action.  

Additionally, we have secured a checklist that crew schedule must follow in the event of future ROTA processing errors including notifying APFA and Flight Service if a delay or error is not resolved by 17:00 Home Base Time (HBT).
Crew Schedule will update the Crew Portal every 30 minutes providing you with the most recent updates if the issue cannot be resolved by the contractual deadline of 19:30 HBT.

 LOA – ROTA Processing Issues Affecting PHL Based Reserves – pdf

 Thank you to all who assisted in getting a quick resolution to this unfortunate situation that wreaked havoc for our Reserves.

In Unity and Solidarity, 

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President 

Brian Morgan
APFA PHL Base Vice President

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