7.09.16 – DFW Base Brief

Saturday, July 9, 2016

  • Reassignments/Reschedules
  • Report to the Airport/Call Out Pay
  • Mid-Sequence Call Out
  • Mid-Sequence Cancellation
  • LE and VE PAY Processing
  • Direct Connect- Crew Pay Connection
  • Hotel and Transportation Issues
  • Professional Standards
  • AFGE to Hold Rally at DFW Airport


We have noticed local management and AA HDQ that the Reassignment and Rescheduling has gotten out of control. Continue to contact us and follow up with the following:

APFA Headquarters has placed a Reassignment/Reschedule Form on the APFA website in order to compile information that can help us determine whether or not AA is adhering to the contractual language and proper protocol regarding reschedules and reassignments.

Report to the Airport/Call Out Pay

We are still having issues with crews not calling Crew Schedule when they have a cancellation at the airport. We understand no one wants to risk getting another assignment; however your other risk is losing your call out pay.
With Interim Pay Protection, if you have a cancellation, you must call Crew Schedule to find out what option they want to exercise with you. Not only will you lose the call out pay if you don’t call, you risk your pay protection.
If you report to the airport for a specific flight assignment and you end up not flying, you must make contact with Crew Schedule to receive call out pay. If you just leave the airport without speaking to someone, they will deny the pay. If the Purser or #1 speaks to them for the crew, make sure that each crew member is accounted for on the call before you leave.
If you are at the airport for any length of time, you may be entitled to more than 3 hours, so it is important to get a release time from scheduling. Don’t leave any pay behind!

Mid-Sequence Call Out

You are entitled to 3 hours of mid-sequence call out pay, or e-time if you are on duty for more than 6 hours. If you don’t see it reflected on your sequence, ask Crew Tracking to put the RPT on the day and send a claim to Pay Comp via Direct Connect.

Mid-Sequence Cancellation

If you have a mid-sequence cancellation and you still have active legs, you must contact Crew Tracking. You might be transitioning through Miami, but you are not considered “at home base.” Just as you would not abandon your sequence in DSM, you are not free to go home just because you happen to be in your base city and you haven’t completed your scheduled sequence.

LE and VE PAY Processing

  • VE Pay:  VE pay shows on the HI3 on the day it occurs, on your HI1 underneath the sequence as VE PAY, does not go into the PPROJ, is processed at closeout (about the 9th of the next month), and goes above guarantee. If you don’t see it by the 9th of the next month then send HISEND 14 to Pay Comp*.
  • LE Pay:  LE pay shows on your HI1 underneath the sequence as LE PAY, does go into PPROJ, is processed every 4 days, and does not go above guarantee. If you don’t see it by 6 days after your trip completes, use HISEND 14 to Pay Comp*.
  • LE on an OE: LE pay shows on your HI1 underneath the sequence as OE STRAT, does not go into PPROJ, is processed every 4 days, and does not go above guarantee. If you don’t see it by 6 days after your trip completes, use HISEND 14 to Pay Comp*.

Direct Connect- Crew Pay Connection

We now have a single point of contact to report issues and submit pay correction requests. Once you submit a report, the online tool assigns a case number that you can use to track its progress. An email is also sent to your aa.com mailbox confirming your request was received.

Steps to submit a report:

If your request is related to an improperly credited trip, you will need:

  • Sequence / Pairing number, and origination date
  • Flight number, and originating date

Open the online form from the Flight Service site.

  • Your name, employee number, and email address should already appear on the form
  • Enter required fields, including a report category selection from the drop down menu
  • Use the message box to outline the details of your request
  • Submit your request 
  • Select “Ticket Log” tab to review status of your request

You should receive a confirmation number and a ticket number almost immediately. Retain the ticket number to track the progress of the request. You can expect a response in 5 to 7 days.

Hotel and Transportation Issues

There are a few ways that you may report hotel and transportation issues. The Hotel and Transportation Debrief Form is located on the home page of APFA.org. The online form is the fastest way to submit all necessary information needed for the Hotel Department to address your concerns. You may also send an email to the APFA National Hotel Chair at hotel@apfa.org. Be specific in your issue so the department representative can expeditiously process the issue.  Don’t forget that all base crew lounges fall under Section 6 of the JCBA and you can report all crew lounge issues to the APFA Hotel Department.

Professional Standards

Please utilize Professional Standards when you have disagreements with your coworkers, pilots included. Professional Standards works together with APA to handle issues you may have with a pilot. Please call 817 540-0108 ext.8606. Remember, the Professional Standards Reps may be flying and will return your call as soon as possible.

American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) to Hold Rally at DFW Airport

AFGE Union Local 1040, the union representing Transportation Security Officers (TSO’s) will be holding a rally at DFW Airport on Monday, July 11th from 1PM-3PM to advocate for more funding for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to hire an additional six thousand TSO’s. If you would like to show your support, show up on the sidewalk outside Terminal D Upper Level.  

Fly Safe,
Ted and Chris
Ted Bedwell
Base President
214 558-4762
Chris O’Kelley
Base Vice President
940 465-6003
Margaret Barnes
Full Time Rep
214 478-1912
Kerstin Taylor
Full Time Rep
214 641-7785
Mark Arcenneaux
Full Time Base Rep

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