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7.14.16 – (LAA/LUS) – A Message from Your APFA National Hotel Chair

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Thursday, July 14 2016

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Hello fellow APFA Brothers and Sisters,
I am A. Marie Plevritis, a DFW based purser with 22 years tenure. I was recently appointed as your APFA National Hotel Chair. I started volunteering my time at APFA in 1996, and have served as a BCR for IDF and DFW. I am passionate about representing the membership with true conviction and I am honored to serve my peers. 
Per Section 13.1 of the APFA Policy Manual, The National Hotel Chair is charged with coordinating with base representatives to monitor Company practice and compliance with respect to layover hotel accommodation standards, security, ground transportation at layover cities, and Flight Attendant crew lounges.
My primary goal is to preserve the intent of the JCBA Section 6 language in regard to the criteria used in the selection of hotels and transportation for our crews. In order to achieve that goal, we need your help. Feedback from our membership is absolutely vital in order to determine what is working and what is not.

As hotel/transportation contracts expire, we need to know which ones to pursue for renewal and which ones to reconsider. The best way to get us feedback is by going to and using the resources there to report any issues you are having. Don’t forget to tell us what you like about a particular property as well as what you don’t:
Hotel and Transportation Debrief Form LAA/LUS
The online form is the fastest way for us to address your concerns. If you have copies of the pink hotel/transportation debrief form, please drop it in a recycle bin. They are no longer used.

July Hotel Reps on Duty – LAA/LUS
A Marie Plevritis – DFW
Bernadette Cassidy – LAX

Temporary Hotel Relocations  – LAA/LUS
Please access the Hotel Page at for all hotel relocations. The Hotel Committee will update the relocations as they are received from the Company. If you see a discrepancy on your pairing or sequence please email or call 817-540-0108 ext 8306.

Hotel Allocations  – LAA 
You have probably noticed that the hotel assignments are not in the allocations section of the LAA bid packets. The Company will send the hotel allocations to the APFA Hotel Department and then we will upload the information to the APFA Hotel Page. We will only upload the hotel information for the airports that have more than two hotels listed. If you have a carryover trip with a layover in the next contractual month, then your hotel will be assigned with the next month’s allocations. We will start to receive the August hotel allocations around July 15, 2016.

LAX TransportationLAA

On July 16, 2016, Five Star will be taking over all transportation. Five Star has been working on getting more vehicles and trained drivers and will be ready to go by July 16, 2016. Please submit a Hotel/Transportation Debrief Form if you do not see any improvement with 5 Star Transportation. 

Bed Bug Season?  – LAA/LUS
I have noticed a spike in bed bug reports, which led me to wonder if there is a bed bug season. I have found that there is not a bed bug season but bed bugs are more prevalent in the summer months. This could be a result of increased travel and hotel visits with all the summer vacation travelers.  
Be vigilant in inspecting your hotel room for bed bugs. Look closely at the mattress seams and box springs. Do not use drawers in your hotel room.  Keep your roll-a-board and other luggage off of the floor. If you detect any signs of bed bugs please document the room number then request a different room. Report all situations using the Hotel and Transportation Debrief Form as soon as possible so we may request a room inspection immediately.
Please click on the link below from the CDC regarding bed bugs.
Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!!!!
In Unity,
A.Marie Plevritis
APFA National Hotel Chair


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