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7.27.16 – APFA Contact Information on FA Tablet/Reserve Flight Attendants/Meetings with Flight Service Manager

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

APFA Contact Information on FA Tablet

Did you know? 

You may find all of the APFA National and Local contact information on your tablet.

Document Library>>> Contact Information>>>APFA Local and National Contact List

You may email all of your Union Reps. right from your tablet?

Document Library>>>Contact Information>>>APFA Local and National Contact List>>>Tap on the desired department

You may access your contract as well as the hours of service charts, rest requirement charts, the on duty contract guide and the JCBA on your tablet.

Document Library>>>APFA Contract and Guides

Reserve Flight Attendants

We are starting to see a high number of Flight Attendants being given No Contacts (NCT) from Crew Scheduling. If you are using a cell phone as your primary contact, make sure you have a good charge on your battery, and good cellular service in your home. It is also a good idea to make sure Scheduling has the correct contact info for you in your primary, secondary and beeper fields in your contact screen. This can only be done via Crew Scheduling or your Flight Service Manager (FSM).
A NCT is a dependability infraction. It will remain on your attendance record for one year. Crew Scheduling has been known to make mistakes, so if you are given a No Contact that you believe is invalid, please call or email us immediately with the date and time so we can have it investigated and removed from your record.

Meetings with Flight Service Manager

We continue to see a rise in the number of meeting requests for various reasons. If you are contacted by your FSM for any reason, you are entitled to Union representation. Many Flight Attendants are speaking with the Company over the phone and clearly not understanding the conversation. These conversations range from dependability/attendance, passenger concern letters, late to the aircraft, delays charged to the Flight Attendants, and many other issues.  

We are getting calls wanting to us to “unring the bell” after Union representation has been declined, especially if discipline has been issued. We realize our lives are busy and it is sometimes much easier to have a conversation on the phone then to take the time to set up a meeting, however this is your work record, and we cannot care about it more than you do.  

If you are called or notified by your FSM that they would like to discuss an issue with you, please exercise your right of representation. Please call us to set up a meeting. The Union office is not on the property, so we do need advance notice. Our office number is 215-492-0840.

In Unity and Solidarity, 

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President 

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