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7.29.16 – Optimizer Presentation/Missing Crew Meals/LUS Scheduling Meeting/Base Meeting/WINGS Foundation

Friday, July 29, 2016

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  • Optimizer Presentation Meeting
  • Missing Crew Meals Part IV
  • LUS Scheduling Follow-Up Meeting
  • Fall DCA Base Meeting
  • WINGS Foundation

Optimizer Presentation Meeting

On Thursday, July 21st, Base Presidents arrived at DFW Company Headquarters in order to meet with the Allocations and Crew Planning team, along with other Union Representatives. It is no secret there has been a steady decline of quality trip construction since this merger, which is placing undue burdens on our Flight Attendants and sometimes operations. I was especially interested to see what Global Parameters are being used now which are generating “undesirable” and fatigue inducing results; as well as how they compared to previous ones programmed years before.
After the LAA Optimizer simulation, I asked to see the same for LUS, specifically DCA including the base specific requests per your valuable feedback. Unfortunately they did not have that available, which was unacceptable. We did use the remainder of the time to give examples of what needs to change now; not just at Flight Attendant Operational Integration “FOI” as previously relayed to us via the Monthly Allocations Calls.
If additional resources are needed at the “Worlds Largest Airline” to make it happen, then it is time to do so.

Missing Crew Meals Part IV

You have heard me relay the importance of writing up any issues you have with Missing Crew Meals. With this increase of trips in DCA being built over 8 hours scheduled block time, it is even more important to let us know when this contractual violation is taking place.
Should you not receive a meal prior to departure, contact Flight Service Daily Operations immediately at 888-222-4737 (available 24 hours a day). They will take the key information such as date, flight number, city pair and crew member information. This team will then coordinate with the local catering department to arrange a meal at the scheduled or a down-line station.

In a case where you are not provided with a scheduled crew meal and Flight Service Daily Operations is not able to arrange one, you are permitted to secure food from an alternative food provider (airport vendor) that day for reimbursement. Submit the receipt for reimbursement to Flight Service for actual, reasonable meal expenses. Getting an expense reimbursement later is helpful, but it does not fix your hunger during a 16-hour day.

LUS Scheduling Follow-Up Meeting

On Tuesday August 2nd, we are heading back to DFW to meet with Senior Management and Department heads in order to once again address many of these ongoing problems negatively impacting our Flights Attendants. 

  • DCA Base Staffing Shortage
  • Hotel Issues
  • Rescheduling Frequency 
  • Transportation Delays
  • Scheduling Errors
  • Phone Lines and Communication
  • E190 and IAD Flying 
  • K “Chaser” Position

Fall DCA Base Meeting

We are still in the process of coordinating a DCA Base Meeting and the possible attendees.

Date and Time –  To Be Determined

WINGS Foundation

It is challenging just trying to stay on top of all the procedural changes, passwords, training, and deadlines. Also, the chaos and noise due to the massive renovation of the DCA Crew Room and the Flight Service Center can be distracting and frustrating. But it all comes to a halt when a Flight Attendant needs serious help.
The WINGS organization is such as worthy cause and I invite you to visit the website and sign up @

Any questions, please contact Debbie Maitland Roland @

We certainly knew this merger wasn’t going to be easy…. However because of your input, strong voices, and resilience we will get through it.
In Solidarity and Support,

Dianne Britton
APFA DCA-LUS Base President

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