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10.13.16 – Pay Protection Adjustments

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hello Miami! This is a short base blast for the hot topic of the week.

Pay Protection Adjustments

Pay Comp is running behind in manually adjusting HI1s for those who met their pay protection obligations and Location Delay Incentive pay (LE).
If you declined a trip at the point of contact with Crew Schedule or failed to contact them following a cancelation, your pay protection was forfeited. This will be reflected on your HI1 as “NO PROT”. Also, if you did not submit a HISEND request for all days originally to fly with a “PLOT TO PROTECT” backup message in the remarks section (or flew a trip or trips), Pay Comp will deny your pay protection when auditing your schedule.
Flight Attendants who earned Location Delay Incentive pay due to delays in IPD stations should see the pay reflected on their HI1s with 4-7 business days. As long as it is reflected on the HI3, the audit should catch it. If you don’t see it after 7 business days, submit a Direct Connect claim on the Flight Service website.
The National Vice-President, Nena Martin, and I met with the company to attempt to achieve blanket pay protection and reserve guarantee without obligations due to hurricane Matthew. The company was unwilling to agree. Dade County did not declare a Transportation Emergency (TE), as was the case with several former storms. We have never achieved blanket protection when a TE has not been declared.
The company did agree to excuse missed trips associated with Matthew and to allow Flight Attendants to apply PVDs to POs to cancelations in which Flight Attendants failed to meet the obligation, or chose not to participate. PVDs have a daily value of 3.5 hours and a limit of 6 per year. You must contact your manager by October 28, 2016 to apply PVDs or excuse TMs.
Obviously, we are disappointed by the company refusing our request for complete pay protection while we prepared for a category 4 storm. Please know we tried very hard to achieve that for you.
Timothy Legeros will be assisting the base for the remainder of this month while Randy is on vacation. He can be reached at  617.888.0858.
Until next time, fly safely!

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