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10.14.16 – (LAA/LUS) – Uniform Reactions/2017 Benefits Enrollment/Early Voting Begins/Anniversary of Last US Airways Flight

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APFA Special Hotline

Friday, October 14, 2016

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  • Guidelines to Follow for Uniform Reactions – LAA/LUS
  • 2017 Benefits Enrollment Opens Next Week – LAA/LUS
  • Early Voting Begins in the U.S. Presidential Election – LAA/LUS
  • One Year Anniversary of US Airways’ Final Flight – LAA/LUS

Guidelines to Follow for Uniform Reactions – LAA/LUS

We continue to receive reports from Flight Attendants who are experiencing reactions to the new uniform. While we wait for the results of our own independent testing, the company has also agreed to test uniform pieces at a testing facility mutually agreed upon by both parties.

In the meantime, APFA suggests adherence to the following guidelines should you experience a reaction:

1. Immediately remove any uniform item that you suspect has caused a reaction.

2. Place the uniform item in a zip lock/plastic bag and retain.

3. If you experience severe symptoms, consider seeking medical attention.

4. Go to the APFA website and fill out a New Uniform Reaction Report.
(Include photographs if possible. Refer to the label and note where the item was made. Be as detailed as possible in your report.)

5. Contact the AA Uniform Call Center Open Daily, 0700 – 1800 CST
(You will be given the option to wear the old uniform. If you don’t have the old uniform, you may wear pieces of comparable style and color.)


  • LAA – 1-800-VIP-CREW (#, 6, then option 5)

  • LUS – 1-800-327-0117 (2,5,6,1, then option 2)

Note: LUS Calls will route through training registration, but keep following the prompts as indicated above.

6. We strongly suggest filing an IOD with your FSM even if you do not plan to lose time as a result of your symptoms.

If you are still in possession of your former uniform, please hold on to it until further notice even if you have not experienced a reaction to the new one.

2017 Benefits Enrollment Opens Next Week – LAA/LUS

2017 Benefits Enrollment Opens Oct 17 and Closes Oct 28th at 23:59 CST. An online version of the Enrollment Guide and a useful benefits comparison tool are available at, which is also accessible via the Benefits page on Jetnet.

Please Note: 

    • If you do not complete an enrollment, you will default to the same health plan that you have for 2016. However, if you choose to participate in the Flexible Spending Account (FSA), dollar amounts must be designated each year during open enrollment. FSA dollar amounts will not default to those designated in the previous year.
    • The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Run Out Period will be discontinued for 2017. In the past, we have been given until March of the following plan year to use up FSA funds from the previous year. Beginning in 2017, this will no longer be an option. Instead, if you have funds of $500 or less that have not been used by the end of the plan year, they will roll over to the next year’s FSA account. Unused funds in excess of $500 will be forfeited
  • Union Benefit Planners will offer the following optional coverage:
    • Individual Short Term Disability Insurance
    • Universal Life Insurance with Long Term Care
    • Accident Insurance
    • Critical Illness Insurance
    • If you are on a leave of absence and you are currently enrolled in medical, dental, or vision coverage, you may make changes to those options as long as you are current with your direct bill payments.
  • Domestic Partners will no longer be eligible for AA insurance benefits as of 1/1/17. If you decide to get married, you must complete a life event and add your spouse to your benefits within 30 days of the marriage date. If you have elected not to get married, your Domestic Partner will be solicited for COBRA. Keep in mind that the law allows up to 45 days for the solicitation to take place, so there will be a gap in coverage until the COBRA election has been submitted and the first payment has been received. Once COBRA coverage is in place, it will be retro-actively effective as of 1/1/2017.

Consult the online Enrollment Guide for full details on costs, options, and to review Voluntary Added Benefits offered by AA. It is always a good idea to review your benefits elections and print a copy of your election confirmation statement, even if you are not making any changes.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact the AA Benefits Service Center at 1-888-860-6178, Mon-Fri, 0700 – 1900 CST during the enrollment period.

Document the date, time, and the name of the person with whom you spoke. These calls are recorded so if there is an issue with benefits, they can be referenced.

Early Voting Begins in the U.S. Presidential Election – LAA/LUS

Early voting began this week in upwards of 32 states and the District of Columbia. In additional states, like Virginia and Missouri, you may vote absentee in person if you will be out of the state at any time on November 8th.

It is a quick and painless way to cast your ballot as you can avoid the lines at the polls and vote at the time most convenient for you. By election day over 34% of voters will have cast their ballots early.

Schedules change and delays happen, so take advantage of early voting and avoid getting inadvertently shut out of this year’s election. APFA members can make a difference in many key states.

If you need help finding out how to vote early or cast an absentee ballot, contact Don’t get caught on the sidelines—get out and VOTE starting NOW!


Allie Malis
APFA Interim Government Affairs Representative

One Year Anniversary of US Airways’ Final Flight – LAA/LUS

This Sunday, October 16th will mark the one year anniversary of the final flight of US Airways.

When Flight 1939 landed at Philadelphia almost a year ago, another legacy carrier faded into the annals of history.

Regardless of the struggles we face as a workgroup and the challenges that lie ahead in fully integrating the operation and securing the respect and compensation we deserve, know that we all share the same goal.

The spirit of US Airways lives on and its history is well preserved in the memories of the employees who made it great.



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