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11.01.16 – December Bidding/Fact or Fiction

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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  • December Bidding
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December Bidding

Many of you have asked what is being done by the Company and Union to prevent another 2015 “December Meltdown.”
As stated in previous DCA Communications, your Base Leaders in CLT, DCA, PHL, and PHX have been relaying the feedback from you, Preferential Bidding Trainers, and others to ensure there are better results for all FA seniorities.
For example, the same Minimum Line Value for all 4 Bases does not work for DCA. Nor does forcing a large increase of Reserves, or jamming the end of the month with an abundance of 4-Day Pairings.
Once the final projection numbers are made available from Crew Planning in the next week, we will have a better overview in just how receptive the Company is in applying these recommendations. 
Here are some other Hot Topics:

Fact or Fiction

1. There seems to been an increase of FA Dependability and Attendance Meetings with the Company. Fact.   

This is not the same program you are used to. Keep in mind any conversations with the Company via the phone or in person you may exercise your right for Union Representation.
2. There has been virtually no hiring for the LUS Bases. Fact.   

Although we rarely see recruitment during the Holiday months, the good news is New Hire Training should resume in the Spring and much needed relief.
3. Nothing is being done to seek improvements for Reserves. Fiction.   

Flight Attendants should not be negatively impacted due to the Company’s delaying of Full Operational Integration “FOI.” Some examples of Reserve items already being addressed are Modified RAP assignments, and mirroring the LAA Language of 12 Reserve Days Off “RDO.”
4. The Pilot information will no longer be available on our Trip/Crew Sheets. Fiction.
The Company now knows this is an important missing piece and is working with IT on restoring it.
5. There has been a breech of SPAM emails sent to employees on their accounts. Fact.
Please FWD anything suspicious to
6. The fence for Systemwide Base Transfers will not be lifted until FOI. At this point, Fact.
Unlike the recently added Mutual Transfers between the 4 LUS Bases, the Co. has stated an inability to allow Systemwide Transfers due to “IT Operational and Scheduling contractual differences.”
7. DCA has lost time since 2015. Fact.

Approximately 16.1% overall.  It is another reason we have to be very diligent in bidding.  The Crew Planning Team has committed to more transparency, such as disclosing how many FAs are holding VAC or needed for a particular day which will hopefully help.
8. Lineholders cannot be rescheduled in the middle of a trip. Fiction.  

Please familiarize yourselves with Rescheduling Language in JCBA Section 10-25-4 which addresses After Organization to “maintain the Operations.” Do keep in mind that all legalities will apply as well as the Return to Crew Base Language found on 10-26-7.
9. We are working on having an upcoming DCA Base Meeting. Fact.   

Now that the DCA Airport construction is finally tapering off, the availability of a meeting room should be easier to secure.
Stay tuned for details.
In the meantime, fly safe and keep the feedback coming. 
Through Strength and Solidarity ~

Dianne Britton
APFA DCA-LUS Base President

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