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11.10.16 – December Minimum Line Values and Reserve Numbers/December Bidding/Holiday Bidding Tips

Thursday, November 10, 2016

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  • December Minimum Line Values and Reserve Numbers
  • December Bidding
  • Holiday Bidding Tips

December Minimum Line Values and Reserve Numbers

If you have not seen the adjusted numbers please reference the LUS Hotline from 11/9/16.  
It is important to note that we received the original figures approximately 3 minutes before the Monthly Allocations Call this week which is not ideal.
Like the other LUS Presidents, I pointed out it is “fuzzy math” to drastically increase the numbers as they did last year, and then lower slightly (by 2) and expect that to go over well for the LUS FAs.
Although 124 is still higher then we would all like, 10 less FAs will be on RSV.  The December Line Average reduction of 78.0 is an improvement from 83.2 in 2015.

December Bidding

Some FAs have asked why would the Union agree to grant the Company an additional 2 days, in essence “bail them out.” It’s a good question.
You heard me state in my previous Communications that your Union, JSIC, “Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee’ and Base Leadership met with the Company back in August, and then again in September to review what steps are needed to ensure a successful December PBS run.
The Company requested the additional time in order for more FAs to be satisfied with the end result. If you recall, it was similarly done for January 2016. No one wants a repeat of last year. Yes, there was incentive pay, but the disruptions to FA’s schedules and livelihood were also massive.

Does this mean the Company will not have to offer Red Flag pairings? No.

Just as any month, when staffing is required, Section 10-34 will be in effect.

Holiday Bidding Tips

We often hear the Company state that FAs need to bid “more realistically.” What does that actually mean?
After consulting with the PBS Trainers, here are some suggestions that may help. 

  1. Keep in mind DCA has a return of IAD Flying and 18 “K” Positions.
  2. December historically starts with low flying, then mid month it increases which means more FAs are needed after the 15th. Be sure to add trips or parameters that include the end of the month.
  3. In lower layers include trips you would consider working over the Holidays to avoid being assigned a PN “Pairing Pool Non” or CN “Coverage Needed” Pairing.
  4. If you do not have 7 days or more of VAC, your TCR should be at least 5 hours over the average target credit range before layer 7.
  5. Another great resource is the Holiday Bidding Guide found on your tablet or Wings.

Lastly, it has been a challenging and stressful few months for everyone. We recently have seen a Nation divided by anger and a lack of respect; sadly many have relayed you still feel the same thing here.
It is important to be recognized for the sacrifices made and the enormity of changes you have had to endure since this merger. I continue to be proud of your resilience.
In Strength and Solidarity,

Dianne Britton
APFA DCA-LUS Base President

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