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11.21.16 – (LAA/LUS) – Implementation of JCBA Section 17 (Co-Terminal)

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Beginning with the December bid month (Dec. 2, 2016), we’ll implement Section 17 (Co-Terminal) of the JCBA for legacy American Flight Attendants.

What’s changing for Legacy US Airways Flight Attendants?

There are no changes to this section until FOI. Section 17 (Common Domiciles) of the 2013 CBA (Red Book) remains in effect.

What changes at FOI?

• We’ll have additional city pairs which are noted in the chart below

• For now, there is one co-terminal (common domicile) for legacy US Airways flight attendants: DCA/IAD

What’s changing for Legacy American Flight Attendants?

New, published travel times between airports

When you’re scheduled to begin your trip at one airport and finish your trip at another, you’ll be paid and credited flight pay according to the below chart – which is included in Section 17.B. of the JCBA. Ground transportation time, just like deadheading, applies towards your duty day. These travel times also apply mid-sequence.

*TPA-PIE is not currently an eligible co-terminal sequence because we don’t have a flight attendant base in either location.

Surface travel time treated like deadheading on a flight

“Surface deadheads” (ground transportation between airports) will be treated just as though you’re deadheading on a flight. This means the normal report (sign-in) and release (de-brief) times for the type of trip sequence you’re working apply.

If, for some reason, you arrive at your co-terminal destination after the time noted in your HI3, you can call Crew Scheduling/Tracking and request an adjustment to your release time. If an adjustment is required prior to your first live leg, please call Crew Scheduling. If an adjustment is needed any time after you’ve worked your first live leg, call Crew Tracking. Your rest, trip, duty rigs, and flight pay will be adjusted accordingly.

Premiums and per diem

If you’re receiving a premium(s) on your trip, these premiums will apply to the time you spend “surface deadheading”. Per diem (TAFB) applies to the transportation time too. (Note: Foreign language and international premiums do not apply to surface deadheads within the U.S.)

Delay of more than 4 hours

In the event something goes awry and we anticipate transportation won’t be available for over 4 hours, we’ll provide you with lodging according to Crew Accommodations (Section 6).

“Reversing the limo”

While this isn’t much of a change if you’re already familiar with co-terminals, it’s a good reminder of how it works.

If your trip begins at one airport and finishes at another, we’ll provide you one-way transportation between either airport. You choose which direction.

Example: If you’re LGA-based and are scheduled to originate your trip at EWR and finish at JFK, you can either:

1. Park at EWR and get a “limo” from JFK back to EWR at the end of your trip OR;
2. Park at JFK and get a “limo” to EWR at the beginning of your trip.

And, even if you don’t have a car or park at the airport, the above transportation example still applies if you’d just like a ride between airports.

Please note that if you opt to “reverse the limo”, your HI3 will continue to display the original surface transportation.

Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee
Alin Boswell (APFA)
Linda Haertling (APFA)
Julie Hedrick (APFA)
Keith McCarty (Flight Service)
John Petronzi (Crew Schedule)
Thomas Wooten (Crew Schedule)


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