12.02.16 – (LAA/LUS) – Clarification on Uniform Update/Schedule Conflicts

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Friday, December 2, 2016

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Clarification on Uniform Update – LAA/LUS

We have received inquiries and questions regarding this week’s update on uniforms:

Q: Is APFA mandating that Flight Attendants stop wearing the new uniform?

A: No. APFA encourages members who are uncomfortable wearing the new uniform, regardless of whether they have experienced a reaction, to call the AA call center and have it documented before returning to their blues or choosing to purchase grey pieces of like style and color. 

Q: I have returned to wearing my blues. What should I do with the new grey uniform?

A: As mentioned in the New Uniform Reaction Report Guidelines published in previous hotlines, please retain the new uniform items at this time. The only exception is if you called the AA Uniform Call Center and elected to receive the non-wool alternative.

Until a cause for the reactions is identified, members must use their own best judgment in determining whether or not to return to their blues, and we ask that our members respect each other’s judgement in this regard.

Our goal is to get to the bottom of this issue as soon as possible so that we can focus on a solution.

Schedule Conflicts – LAA

A schedule conflict occurs when you are illegal for your first trip of the new bid month following bids finalization. A computer program automatically removes you from that first trip 72 hours before the beginning of the contractual month in order to eliminate the illegality.

Removal codes that indicate a schedule conflict include:
XC – Schedule conflict due to a direct overlap
XL – Schedule conflict due to insufficient home base rest
X7 – Schedule conflict due to a 24-in-7 illegality

Flight Attendants who have lost time as a result of a schedule conflict are eligible to pre-plot a trip onto their schedule to recover lost hours, provided they have not changed their schedule through any types of trades or drops.

Such Flight Attendants must contact Crew Schedule no later than two days before the origination date of the trip that they would like to plot onto their schedule. For example: If the Flight Attendant would like to plot a trip that originates on the 10th,  then s/he must contact Crew Schedule by 2359 HBT on the 8th. The plotted trip will be added to the Flight Attendant’s schedule as  “LT”.

Moreover, the pre-plotted trip cannot result in an *over projection or an illegality for a subsequent trip; and, the ability to pre-plot can be exercised at any time during the month.

*Monthly Maximums
No Option: Up to 90 hours SPROJ
Option I: More than 90 hours SPROJ but no more than 95 hours SPROJ


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