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12.08.16 – Executive Council Meeting Recap/December Bids

Thursday, December 8, 2016

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  • Executive Council Meeting Recap
  • December Bids

Executive Council Meeting Recap 

The APFA Policy Manual states that the Executive Council (comprised of 5 Ad-Hocs representing all 14 Bases) is to meet four times a year.

This week the EC met in DFW, and Base Leadership relayed your concerns to APFA Officers and Committee Representatives.

Topics of discussion included:

  1. Ongoing Scheduling and Hotel Issues
  2. Systemwide Base Transfers
  3. 12 Days Off for Reserves
  4. Rotating Reserve
  5. The Company Sick and Dependability Program
  6. 3% Daily Open Time
  7. Adverse Uniform Reactions
  8. DOL Election Challenge
  9. Cabin Odor Events
  10. Mobilization Committee
  11. An Optimizer Presentation for LUS Bases
  12. Constitutional Review Committee
  13. Trip Construction 
  14. Union PBS Specialist
  15. BOD Communications
  16. Notice of Disputes “NODS”
  17. UAL Update
  18. Company Delay of FOI
  19. Norwegian Air International

Every topic is important and most impact not just DCA, or LUS FAs, but all bases.

However, last week’s Reserve Trading Days Off is a perfect example in which a breakdown in communications made a bad situation worse.

For many of you that took the time to write us and/or the Company, thank you. Regardless of the issue, FAs should always feel welcome to contact their Union locally and nationally for answers.

And although contractual, the Company’s timing and execution of this RSV RDO “fix” was understandably met with much frustration.

Every Flight Attendant, regardless of their hire date, or where we came from matters. There have been countless procedural and contractual changes since this merger. It is often challenging just to stay on top of it all. Flight Attendants did not cause the Company delay of Full Operational Integration (FOI).

It is important that they keep that in mind while working with us (JSIC, BOD, and Committee Chairs) to achieve improvements for the membership in the meantime.

December Bids

After much angst and trepidation, the December 2016 Bid Results thankfully were not a repeat of 2015.

Although the Reserve Numbers were still higher then we would have liked, according to FA feedback, overall the December bids results were much more satisfactory.

On behalf of DCA, I would again like to thank the PBS Trainers;  Lori Vitto-Glattly, Robert Smith, Michelle Lynch, and Andrea Barnes for assisting our Flight Attendants.

Stay tuned for more details on these topics and more.

In Strength and Solidarity.


Dianne Britton
APFA DCA-LUS Base President

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