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12.14.16 – (LAA/LUS) – Uniform Reaction Update

APFA Special Hotline

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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Uniform Reaction Update – LAA/LUS

Since our last update, APFA has continued to receive reports of suspected reactions to uniforms from Flight Attendants. We have received almost 2,000 reports to date—including from Flight Attendants who have only recently begun to report suspected reactions to their new uniforms.

This is an urgent matter, and we are devoting our resources to addressing it. Flight Attendants’ reported reactions to the new uniforms have also been the subject of several national news stories recently.

APFA has retained an experienced toxicologist to provide the union with expert advice. Our toxicologist is reviewing uniform testing reports from APFA and the Company so that APFA can take appropriate steps.

In addition, late last week the Company provided APFA with a proposal for a joint plan for additional uniform testing. We are reviewing the Company’s proposal with our toxicologist, and we will be presenting any changes we believe are necessary to ensure that, if joint testing is performed, it is thorough and designed to address the reported problems in a scientific manner.

It continues to be APFA’s position that the Company should recall all of the new uniforms immediately while APFA and the Company proceed with further testing. No one should be required to work in an environment that potentially contains health hazards.

In the meantime, we continue to encourage Flight Attendants to fill out the APFA New Uniform Reaction Report on the APFA website to share their experiences.

As stated in previous hotlines, we encourage Flights Attendants to contact the AA Uniform Call Center to return to wearing their blues if they are uncomfortable wearing the new uniform. If you have disposed of your old uniform, you can still get authorization from the Call Center to purchase articles of like color and style including white shirts, and gray pants or skirts. Regardless of which uniform you are wearing, the newly issued wings and name-tag may be worn.

• LAA – 1-800-VIP-CREW (#, 6, then option 5)

• LUS – 1-800-327-0117 (2,5,6,1, then option 2)

(Call Center Open Daily, 0700 – 1800 CST)

Those Flight Attendants who have been authorized to buy articles of like color and style will be reimbursed by the Company for reasonable costs, using the following chart as a guideline:

The same form used for alterations can be used for reimbursement of alternate uniform pieces. TheReimbursement Form and instructions for submitting the form can be found on JetNet for LAA and WINGS for LUS:

JetNet: Job Resources > Forms > New Uniform Alterations

WINGS: Home > Workgroups > Flight Service > Forms > Uniform Reimbursement Form

If you have reported a reaction, please also consider filing an IOD/OJI as the Company has agreed to provide skin patch testing and provide follow up with a dermatologist for affected Flight Attendants who file—or have already filed—an IOD/OJI.

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