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12.19.16 – (LAA/LUS) – JCBA Update – 2017 Changes

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Monday, December 19, 2016
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JCBA UPDATE – January 2017 Changes

Pay increases
No matter which pay step you’re on, you’ll receive an increase to your pay for all hours in January. If you’re legacy US Airways, you’ll see your increase reflected on your end of January paycheck. If you’re legacy American, you’ll see the increase reflected on your January mid-month check.

Per diem increase
Per diem will increase according to the chart below:

Sick accrual step up and other changes (LAA)
As a legacy American Flight Attendant, you’ll begin accruing sick time at the rate of 4 hours per month – up from 3 ½. In January 2018, you’ll receive a final increase to 4 ½ hours per month.
Starting January 2016, you began receiving credit for the sick hours you accrued on a monthly (vs. year-end) basis. This gave you access to your sick time immediately following the month in which you accrued those sick hours.
How do I accrue sick time?
There are two measurements: monthly and year-end.

    1. Monthly: You must be available for at least 15 days in a contractual month for that month to be considered “active.” Being “available” basically means you’re not in an unpaid leave of absence status such as unpaid sick. Days off are counted towards your total “available” days in a month 

  1. At the end of the calendar year, a “look back” will occur to see if you averaged at least 35 paid hours per active month and met your annual threshold. If you don’t meet your threshold, any sick time that you accrued will be deducted – which could leave you with a zero or negative sick balance. Negative balances won’t be recovered in your pay check, rather as you accrue sick hours in 2017, those hours will go towards reducing that negative balance.
Until PBS, the annual 420-hour threshold will continue to apply to your sick accrual. (Section P. – JCBA Implementation Timeline letter of Agreement). Your target threshold is reduced by 35 hours for each “inactive” month. Example: If you were in an unpaid status for two entire contractual months, instead of having to meet a 420-hour threshold, you’d only have to achieve 350 paid hours in your 10 “active” months.

Vacation awards (LUS)
Be on the lookout for an email from the Vacation team concerning the timeline for 2017 vacation bidding. The annual buyback period begins in early January, followed by the first round of bidding in February. Check your email account for an upcoming message.
New year, new uniform dollars
Beginning in January, you’ll receive uniform dollars based on your paid hours in 2016. Refer to the chart below (from Section 7.D.1.).

Check your email box for more information regarding 2017 uniform dollars.

– Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee


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