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1.11.17 – (LAA/LUS) – Uniform Reaction Update

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Uniform Reaction Update – LAA/LUS

APFA continues to work every day to find a solution to the problems associated with the new uniforms. As of the latest count, approximately 2,300 Flight Attendants have reported suspected reactions to the uniforms to APFA through the uniform reaction report form on the APFA website.

According to the last report that we received from the Company, approximately 1,600 Flight Attendants have contacted the AA uniform call center about their uniforms. This continues to be a serious and growing problem, and is not going to go away without some further remedial action by the Company.

On December 21, 2016, APFA filed a Presidential Grievance that seeks to give all Flight Attendants the permanent option of self-choice between the old uniforms and the new uniforms with full reimbursement for replacements. If that proves impractical, the grievance asks that all of the new uniforms be recalled. The grievance also asks for other remedies that relate to sick and FMLA leave and IOD claims, among other things.

Since that time, APFA has continued to communicate with the Company about a plan for future joint testing of the uniforms. In connection with that joint testing plan, APFA has asked the Company for extensive information about the location of manufacturing facilities for the new uniforms. Our message to the Company has been consistent: although we want the joint testing to be completed as soon as possible, any joint testing plan must be thorough, scientific, and designed to result in meaningful information.

Our toxicologist is also in the process of reviewing the results involved with the uniform testing that has been conducted to date, as well as the information that Flight Attendants have submitted through theuniform reaction report form.

This week, you may have seen reports in several news outlets that included a letter from Twin Hill, the manufacturer of the uniforms, to APFA which, we believe, contained misrepresentations of facts. APFA has responded to Twin Hill in a letter sent out today that can be viewed on the APFA website:

By publishing their letter to APFA in the media, Twin Hill brought this issue into the spotlight; however, APFA has always maintained that it is the Company’s responsibility to fix the problem. The Company hired Twin Hill. Twin Hill is their chosen vendor, and it is up to the Company to get to the bottom of this and make it right.

APFA will continue to invest every resource available to protect the health and safety of our Flight Attendants and we will not be deterred.

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