1.13.17 – Retirement Seminars and PHA5E Training

Friday, January 13, 2017

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Good News LGA!

We have secured Retirement Seminars as well as PHA5E training for our Newer Flight Attendants.

We have been fortunate to be able to secure dates for all three airports:

The first hour of the seminar will be dedicated to PHA5E (the fifth phase of flight). PHA5E provides an avenue for our newer Flight Attendants to be involved in APFA.  We are the Future!!  PHA5E is presented by Allie Malis and Reese Cole. PHA5E is geared for three years seniority and less. 

If you intend to participate in PHA5E please contact us with the date you plan on attending. Please contact us via email for participation.

The following two hours will be dedicated to our retirement specialist and titled “Good Slide”, hosted by Ron Harris and Patrick Hancock. Ron and Patrick will be focusing on the following:

• Retiree Travel
• 401k
• Pensions
• Medicare

Although you may not be considering retiring at this point in your career, we recommend all ages and seniority attends.

LAA Flight Attendants with a pension can print out an estimate in the Pension Service Center on Jetnet.  LUS Flight Attendants with a PBGC pension can request an estimate in the mail from by calling 800-400-7242.

Please remember, all APFA meetings are available to members in good standing.  If you question your standing please contact APFA Dues Department (817)540-0108 ext 8151.


Ellen Eherts prlga@apfa.org
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