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1.24.17 – (LUS) – February 2017 LUS Coverage Needed Dates/March 2017 LUS VLOA Awards

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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  • February 2017 Coverage Needed Dates – LUS
  • March 2017 VLOA Awards – LUS
February 2017 Coverage Needed Dates – LUS

Required Coverage (CN), also referred to as forced coverage, is a term applied to date(s) in a bid month that occur when not enough Flight Attendants bid to fly on those date(s). At that seniority and below, awarding is altered to maintain legalities and award pairings that touch the required coverage dates. If by layer 7, your pairing pools do not include adequate pairings that touch a required coverage date, PBS will be forced to award from outside your layers and assign a pairing without regard for your pairing or line preferences.

If your seniority requires coverage on particular dates, you may be awarded a pairing based on legalities, line parameters, and available pairings. PBS will first look to your bid for pairings that cover the CN dates. For those Flight Attendants with multiple CN dates, please keep in mind that trips/reserve days may not have been assigned on each day coverage was required due to legalities (i.e., 24/7).

Here are the Required Coverage/Coverage Needed (CN) Dates and Seniority Dates for the February 2017 PBS Bid Award in YY/MM/DD format:

March 2017 VLOA Awards – LUS

The March 2017 Voluntary Leave of Absence (VLOA) Award List effective March 2, 2017 is now available on Wings.

Flight Attendants on a VLOA will continue to accrue seniority, passes, insurance, vacation, and sick time in accordance with Section 25 of the 2014 JCBA. Benefit premiums will continue at the active rate. Premiums for benefit coverage will be billed directly to you.

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