1.24.17 – Know Your Contract, Base Notice of Disputes, LUS Payroll Contacts

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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  • Know Your Contract
  • Base Notice of Disputes
  • LUS Payroll Contacts

Know Your Contract

With all of the weather that has been affecting our flights, remember to reference the Hours of Service chart in the 2013 Red Book Contract, Section 11.E. The Company provided laminated Hours of Service cards to carry with us. If you do not have the cards, you can pick them up at any crew service center. The tablet also has this information, including the Rest Requirement chart. The LUS On-Duty Contract Guide is also available at the crew service centers and on your tablet.

We continue to see crew being rescheduled illegally. Knowing your legalities is everyone’s responsibility.   

Remember we do have language that allows for three (3) unable to commute events a year. Please be sure to follow the Commuter Policy language in the JCBA Section 37.I. and provide the proper documentation to your FSM within seven (7) days of your unable to commute.

Base Notice of Disputes

I have recently filed a base Notice of Dispute (NOD) over the Uniform issues. This NOD was geared to those directly affected by reactions. We need to try to gain protection against lost wages, discipline due to lost time from work, reimbursement for replacement items, and having Injury on Duty (IOD) claims revisited and reviewed. This NOD was rejected at the base level, and will be included in the Uniform Presidential Grievance.

APFA received official notice from the Company that they have rejected the Presidential Grievance on uniforms filed on Dec 21, 2016. The process for a Presidential Grievance can be found in JCBA Section 30 and Section 31.

I have also filed a base NOD against Systems Scheduling and their continued failures in rescheduling, answering the phones, and hotel & transportation problems. This NOD is scheduled to be heard in the base on February 7th.

LUS Payroll Contacts

We continue to hear from Flight Attendants with payroll questions or concerns. Here is an updated list of phone numbers to contact Payroll. Keep in mind this is something your FSM should be able to help you with as well.

In Unity and Solidarity,

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President


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