2.24.17 – (LAA/LUS) – Maternity Disability & Adoption Plans Retro to 1/17/Constitution Review Committee Reminder/Annual Convention

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Friday, February 24, 2017

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Maternity Disability & Adoption Benefits Retro-active to January 2017 – LAA/LUS

The Company announced last month that beginning March 1st, 2017, it will be expanding the resources that are available for employees who may plan to become pregnant or adopt a child.

We are happy to announce that the Maternity Disability Coverage and Adoption Credits will be retro-active to January 1st, 2017. This is very good news for members who have given birth or adopted children since the beginning of the year, and who initially thought that they would not be able to take advantage of these new benefits.

This new benefit was the result of the hard work and collaborative efforts of our membership, APFA representatives, and the Company. Be assured that we will continue to work to attain more comprehensive benefits for all Flight Attendants who are or would like to become parents.

FAQ’s about the new maternity disability and adoption assistance plans are available on Jetnet.

We will continue to keep you updated as we receive more details about this new program, as well as how it will work in conjunction with our collective bargaining agreement.

Kim Coats Tuck
APFA Interim National Health Chair


Membership Positions for APFA Constitution Review Committee – LAA/LUS

2nd Notice:

Per the resolution passed at the 2016 Fall Board of Directors Meeting last October, APFA is seeking five (5) to seven (7) highly self-motivated members, in good standing, to be members of the APFA Constitution Review Committee:

    • Description of Responsibilities: Members of the Constitution Review Committee will evaluate and report to the APFA Board of Directors their recommendations (following legal staff review) for any alterations, amendments and additions to the entire APFA Constitution, which promote internal strength and stability.


    • Qualifications: Applicants should have a clear understanding of the APFA Constitution and structure, research experience, effective communication skills, strong critical thinking ability and collaboration competencies.


    • Expectation: Applicants should expect to work at least 3 days a week for a period of 3 to 6 months, with a planned budget of 40 hours per month/per committee member. While some work will be done collaboratively, applicants should expect to devote individual time as well. The APFA Board of Directors will appoint the members of the committee at the 2017 APFA Annual Convention in March.


  • To Apply: Submit a resume with references to the APFA National Secretary, secretary@APFA.org, no later than 1000 CT on March 1, 2017.


APFA Annual Convention/BOD Meeting – LAA/LUS

The APFA Board of Directors Annual Convention and Awards Banquet will be held March 6-9, 2017 at the Embassy Suites Downtown St. Louis, 0900-1700. Members in good standing are welcome to attend all open portions of the meeting.
Our Awards Banquet will be held at the National Blues Museum conveniently located near the Embassy Suites on Monday, March 6, 2017 from 1800 – 2200.
Tickets for the Awards Banquet can be purchased from the National Secretary’s office by February 24th for the price of $35 per person.

Marcy Dunaway
APFA National Secretary

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